The other day, President Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping his office in Trump Tower back in October just before the election, and now a spokesperson for the White House claims that Trump is refusing to accept the verdict from James Comey, the Director of the FBI, that Trump Tower was not the target of a wiretapping operation.

Trump clearly has something to hide

Trump’s paranoia seems to very strongly suggest that there is something that was said via that phone at some point between now and October that he wants buried. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Deputy Communications Director for the White House, appeared on “Good Morning America” to say “I don’t think he does” accept Comey’s denial of his accusations.

This all comes in the midst of a heated legal situation developing today in which Trump has signed a new executive order reinstating his Muslim travel ban with very, very rudimentary revisions since the last one. Hopefully the federal courts system can block this one, too, as many law officials have already vowed to do, including New York’s Attorney General.

Huckabee Sanders clarified during the interview that Trump would like “the truth to come out to the American people,” although thanks to Comey, it already has, and the President’s paranoia and stubbornness is just getting the better of him once again. She also claims that he is taking the investigation to the House Intelligence Committee, who have far bigger fish to fry in an America under a President who’s just inviting in extremist attacks.

‘Credible news sources’ support Trump’s theory, says Conway

According to the incredibly reliable Kellyanne Conway, senior aide to President Trump, there are “credible news sources” who support Trump’s theory of a politically motivated attack during his election campaign, without actually citing who those sources are. She also said that in his role as President, Trump has access to intelligence that “the rest of us do not.” He must pull that excuse out of the hat quite a lot.