Democratic Senators have never been Michael Flynn’s biggest fans, ever since his conspiracy theories went viral on Twitter and sandbagged Hillary Clinton and cost her the election (or at least helped a lot), and now that it’s been revealed that he went behind President Donald Trump’s back (which he already did with Russia’s US ambassador and got himself fired) and did business that aided the Turkish government, they’re furious at him.

Shaheen and Blumenthal speak out

Democratic New Hampsire Senator Jeanne Shaheen says that Flynn’s overall “behaviour” is troubling, as it appears to feed into “a larger pattern of poor judgement” on the part of both him and the other members of the Trump administration, which is worrying to her because they’re the ones tasked with running the country and keeping it afloat.

Richard Blumenthal, the Democratic Senator from Connecticut, says that Flynn should give back any foreign money that he was paid as part of the Turkish business deal. He called the admission of this deal as “astonishing” and said that it is “more appalling evidence of foreign entanglements and conflicts of interest involving the Trump team.”