Robert Bell, a lawyer at the international law firm Bryan Cave who’s been appointed the head of its EU and UK competition team (so he knows a thing or two about Brexit and the negotiations and legislation behind it and everything that’s going to go down in Parliament over the next 700 days or so), has spoken out about the UK Government’s staggering unpreparedness for the Brexit process.

Bell speaks of the terrible ‘consequences’ of Brexit

Bell says he is worried that the effects of Brexit and the reverberations felt and the results of it will all accumulate into “the biggest legal train crash in modern history.” He also shed a little light on the “consequences” that all those pro-Leave voters and supporters forgot to consider.

He says that if you pair these ramifications of the EU leave with “the problems of legal interpretation and the uncertainties created,” the effects and shockwaves that come from it “will be felt for generations.” It’s a frightening thought. We’re not getting out of this mess quickly. This is another fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Also, Bell drew a comparison between Britain cutting ties with the EU and Henry VIII cutting ties with Rome, calling Brexit “the modern equivalent.” The only difference, he notes, is that Brexit is “many times more complex.”