Prime Minister Theresa May has finally achieved her wildest dreams and triggered Article 50, so a couple of years of negotiation from now, Britain will officially be out of the European Union and (if radical Remain supporters are to be believed) it will be the end of civilisation as we know it. Now, the negotiations between Parliament and the EU will be tricky as all hell, especially considering how vastly different the MPs’ views on Brexit are.

The new ‘great repeal bill’s entire purpose is to offer the government some security

The “great repeal bill” is out and it’s controversial.

It basically proposes giving the government the ability to tamper with our rights, and Brexit secretary David Davis (the guy in charge of getting the bill passed in a very temperamental Parliament) says that this is merely to make “technical changes” where need be during the negotiations with the EU.

However, the real reason hasn’t been made public. It’s merely suggested in the bill. The bill says the government will only alter our rights in order to “support a scenario where the UK left the EU without a deal in place.” So, in the very likely case that the negotiations go south and completely fall apart at the last minute on 30 March 2019, the government will go crazy rewriting our laws in order to make Brexit happen. It’ll be a massacre.