French voters are trying to get former US president Barack Obama to Run in their country’s presidential elections. A group of French residents started an online campaign to urge President Obama to run in France’s upcoming election to become President Of France. The campaign, referred to as Obama17, was launched on Monday in the form of a petition which has so far garnered over 30,000 signatures.

Why French voters want Obama as their President

According to the organizers, the campaign for Barack Obama to become the next president of France is motivated by discontent with the current slate of candidates and scandals plaguing the elections in France.

Some 500 Obama17 posters have been put up around the city and according to the organizers,the move is intended to give people a break from the scandals of the current elections and make them smile. Organizers also want to make a point that voters should choose a president they like and not just vote against a presidential candidate they don't like.

Details of the Campaign

Here are some of the highlights of the campaign

  • The French are ready to make radical choices
  • Failure of the next presidential elections
  • Time for a sixth Republic
  • Elect a foreign president to head France
  • Hire Barack Obama as President of France.
  • Collect 1 million voting promises by March 15
  • Convince Barack Obama to run for President
  • Vote for a president and not against

Could Barack Obama become president of France?

It is not likely that Barack Obama could become President of France but in today’s world politics one could say that nothing Is impossible.

Obama would have to lean to speak French in a hurry and possibly become a French citizen. Not enough time it seems as French citizens vote for a new President on April 23rd. This would be the first round of voting in France’s election and if no candidate gets more than 50% of the votes, there will be a runoff election for the top two candidates on May 7.


Former President Barack Obama fresh off his vacation was spotted on Fifth avenue in Manhattan yesterday where large crowds gathered to get a glimpse of him. He is yet to respond to this unusual request which speaks to the continuing popularity of a former US president now being courted to become the president of a foreign nation.