As we already know, president Trump was recently elected as the 45th President of the United States. however, since he has been elected he has turn heads, caused friction across the American nation and even accused the media of being 'dishonest' by reporting 'fake news'. Donald Trump does not have many supporters on a global scale. but one who is a surprising supporter of his is the Zimbabwean leader, that is Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe backs President Trump

Like Mugabe himself, President Trump supports and puts first his own country before any other. Mugabe seemed as though he was backing the American President when he said "America for Americans and Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans".

However, the reasons for Mugabe backing Donald Trump remains unclear. It wasn't so long ago when back in 2001, Mugabe and his allies were sanctioned by the US. These sanctions included travel bans which were imposed amid allegations of human right abuses and election rigging.

Because of this, the Zimbabwean government accused the US of their countries economic struggle. But the two have some things in common. They are both controversial politicians who stand for what they say and are two of the oldest rulers of state to have ever lived.

Mugabe unfazed by Trumps policies

Since his recent reign into power, Donald Trump has set some of the most ludicrous, absurd policies. One of which was overturned by the judge, which Trump was infuriated by.

The policy was to ban Muslims from several Muslim countries from entering the country temporarily due to terrorism threats. Obviously, this did not go down well with fellow American who support immigration and anti-discrimination.

The policy also led to a global backlash and numerous protests around the world in an effort to dismiss it.

This then led to the policy being examined by the high courts who later dismissed it.

Mugabe seems unfazed by Trump's policies as he shares his nationalistic, political views which many feel are unfair and discriminatory of others, especially non-Americans.