A white supremacist group called “Respect the Flag” has been going around Georgia waving Confederate flags and threatening black people. When can these people give it a rest and let black people live their lives? If they didn’t want black people in America, they shouldn’t have gone over to Africa and stolen them all as their property. They were quite happy in Africa.

Only relatively recently have they stopped being lynched, and still they face prejudice on a daily basis. When the hell can the white supremacists decide that enough is enough and just leave them alone?

This is getting ridiculous. What did black people ever do to you? Even if they did anything, it’s because you started it, which sounds childish, but then the whole institution of mercilessly bullying one sect of people is childish.

‘Racial hatred’ prompted attack

Some ignorant rednecks showed up at a black child’s birthday party, perhaps the most innocent place on Earth, and unleashed a tirade of racial slurs and death threats and waved a shotgun around at the kids. Seriously, why? Why did they do that? What does that achieve? It’s children! Black or not, racist or not, it’s children!

While Georgia doesn’t have hate Crime laws, the judge, William McClain, said that the perpetrators were “motivated by racial hatred.” “Respect the Flag” have also targeted black drivers and black Walmart customers who are just trying to get on with their day and live in a society where they’re the ones stereotyped as criminals.

It’s all topsy-turvy!

These bigots from “Respect the Flag” came across an eight-year-old black child’s birthday party. Eight years old. And their first thought was, “Hey, let’s go and threaten to kill him with this shotgun.” It’s just disgusting. Who in their right mind can do that and think they’re doing something noble?

Witnesses called 911

Luckily, passers-by called 911. You see rednecks threatening black eight-year-olds with a gun, you call 911. That’s how people should be, and thankfully it’s how most people are. The party’s host, Melissa Alford, said her biggest fear was that she wouldn’t be able to protect all the children if bullets started flying.

This is a good, kind-hearted woman whose first thought in this crisis was to protect the children. But to these hicks, she doesn’t even deserve to exist because the colour of her skin is different from theirs. That’s the world we live in. We co-exist with people who think this.

Jose Torres and Kayla Norton have pleaded guilty, and on the day they committed this atrocity, Police didn’t arrest them, which the judge calls “inexplicable.” It is explicable, though, because the Georgia police are just as racist as “Respect the Flag,” and when they’re not kicking black people’s teeth in themselves, they turn a blind eye to other white folks doing it. But the second a black teenager looks at them funny, all of a sudden they spring into action.

The sentencing isn’t long enough

Torres has been sentenced to 20 years (but only 13 in prison) and Norton has been sentenced to 15 years (but only 6 in prison). What’s the point in sentencing where they don’t serve all the years in prison, by the way? Make them serve a full sentence, for God’s sake! They threatened children with a shotgun, they’re getting a slap on the wrist! The victims even forgave them! That’s how sweet these people are, who these two malign simply for being black.

This at least means two less gun-wielding hillbillies are on the streets to target the black community for a while, but the sickening thing is that as Kayla Norton was rightfully taken off to jail, a crowd were cheering her on, saying she did the right thing, and she was shouting back to them, “I love you guys!” What’s going on with the world? That’s crazy. Where’s the crowd saying she did the wrong thing? Where are they? She threatened children with a gun, that’s undeniably the wrong thing to do! Come on!