It is all well and true saying you want to assist refugees fleeing persecution in their own countries, but today's inquest into the failings of the Tunisian police during the June 2015 Terror Attacks show why we need to resolve the Refugee Crisis through controlled Immigration.

The Brexit effect

There is no doubt that terrorist atrocities that engulfed 2015 alongside the refugee crisis pushed many Brits into opting for Brexit during the referendum last year. What's worse is that refugees flooded Europe after this terror attack.

It is no longer safe to allow people into any country unchecked, which is why electorates in Britain and America have opted for Brexit and Trump respectively to restore control to their countries' borders during a time when ISIS terrorists are rife across the globe, disguised as refugees.

And politicians in both countries have responded quickly.

The impact on security

There is no doubt that the atrocities in 2015 changed Tunisia's security forever. But it also changed the world's security, too.

We cannot afford to operate the way we used to prior to the refugee crisis. We must vet refugees, economic migrants, whatever label you want to give them, before they continue to take advantage of Europe's generosity. And for those who will read this article with contempt; how many refugees have you taken in? Mr. Corbyn, Mr. Farron, I am particularly looking at you two.