After the US election 2016 results, one thing is very clear that the world still accepts bullies, racists, sexists, and those who have anti-women beliefs and agendas, as their leaders.

It is such a painful message sent by the people of the United States that they accept a person who insulted women many times, has disgusting beliefs about women, speaks stupidly about Muslims, is a racist and of course, a danger to the peace of world.

Donald and his stance on womens rights

This decision of electing the president gave a very clear message to the women in the America that their rights are not a big matter of interest at national level.

When women are already facing lots of discrimination in the world, just on the basis of their gender, are struggling against anti-women laws and beliefs, US elections results are not less than a tragedy of the time.

How embarrassing it is this fact that hundreds and hundreds of the feminist movements, organisations and groups have failed to get their voice being noticed in the world. And still people like Donald Trump, who has stupid and disgusting beliefs, are elected to serve on as respectable positions as, a President.

These are not just Americans who have elected a racist, as their leader but similar happened in India, where Mr. Narinder Modi has been elected as a prime minister, a few years back.

After he got the charge of his position as a prime minister, anti-Muslim attacks are at its height in Indian occupied Kashmir. Modi has been supporting anti-Muslim groups in India. This may interest my readers, that in India, massive celebration took place by the extremist Hindus under the supervision of Narinder Modi on Trump’s victory.

These extremists groups distributed sweets in the public on this occasion as they are sure of the fact that Trump can provide a great deal of support for promoting their agendas.

What does the future hold for the USA?

Interestingly, both the leaders, Trump and Modi, have propagated very similar beliefs. Trumps speaks in favour of Whites in America and against the Blacks and Modi supports Hindus and exploits other minorities (Muslims and Sikhs) in India.

Just as Trump promotes hatred for the neighbouring country (Mexico), similarly Modi Promotes hatred for his neighbouring country (Pakistan). Both of these leaders promote racism and hatred among their people which is definitely very alarming for the peace of the world.

By seeing all this situation, I am totally unable to estimate that how long it will take women to get equal rights to men.

Though, it is a matter of a great concern for the women, around the world, but American women are at the greatest risk. They may face some horrible laws and policies about their everyday life, especially about their reproductive rights. Many of the Trump’s statements clearly tells us about his thoughts about considering a woman, a man’s possession.

Many times he has objectified women in disgusting way, for example once he said

I think the only difference between me and the other candidate is that I am more honest and my women are more beautiful.

On another occasion, he said

Ariana Huffington is unattractive, both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man. He made a good decision.

On many other occasions, Trump insulted prominent women. He even did not spare his own daughter, saying

"I’ve said, if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her."

I mean, what you can expect from a person with such thoughts and statements.

I really wish the American women, especially those who are Muslims, to organise themselves.

Fight for their rights and never give up at all. Feminist organisations in America, need to play their part as actively as possible, as during the Trumps presence in the white house, it will be very challenging for these organisation to protect and promote women’s rights.