Just a few days back we all witnessed Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony and the media went berserk on comparing every minute detail of it with the past president Obama’s inauguration ceremony and the likes. Now online reports suggest that the US President Trump called up modi and had a conversation with him about various things of prime importance. Online reports suggest that the Trump government is harassed by planned efforts of the liberals to deliberately harm the image of the new President post his thumping victory in the election. Also Trump named Indo American Ajit Pai as Federal Communications Commission Chairman showcasing that US's ties with India are going stronger on all fronts.

President Trump calls in Modi before Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing and European leaders

It is interesting to see that President Trump decided to dial in Indian PM before Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing or any other Asian or European leaders; close ties between US and India are guessed to be the reason behind the choice. Before calling the Indian PM, the new US president had a conversation with leaders of Canada, Mexico, Israel and Egypt as well on the weekend. Trump also had a meeting with the business leaders on Monday.

Bristish PM Theresa May first to meet US President Donald Trump

While President Donald Trump has been dialing in world leaders, British Prime Minister Theresa May will be the first world leader to meet President Donald Trump on Friday post his inauguration ceremony a few day ago.

President Trump’s liking for India and Indian leader Modi is quite apparent as he not only had identified India as one of the close ties of US but had also recited PM Narendra Modi’s campaign slogan. He had also mentioned in his Presidential campaigns that in his regime India and US will become better friends, it is also noteworthy that Indian PM Modi was the first one to call Donald Trump and congratulate him on his victory in elections.

The outreach seems to be the Trump government’s way to get a rooted footing as their inexperience is getting it into trouble on daily basis especially with the liberal media scrutinizing every move.