While the immigration ban is creating waves across news channels across the globe, US President Donald trump’s latest move has shocked all. The current US Attorney General has communicated to the justice department that she will not defend the President’s order which bans people from a defined list of 7 Muslim majority countries.

Sally Yates fired, refusal to defend amounts to betrayal of duties

The White House even went a step ahead and said on Monday that by refusing to defend President’s order the Attorney had “betrayed” the office and that the order was executed to US citizens at large.

While Sally Yates was fired, Dana Bonte is brought in as the US Attorney for the Virginia’s eastern district. Bonte will continue till there is a confirmation given by the Senate on the session. Reports also suggest that the Federal courts have themselves found Trump's Muslim ban unconstitutional and impractical as it will not only create immigration worries for Muslim families living in US of the said countries but will also tarnish US's image as a country which celebrates different races.

Appointed by Barack Obama, fired by Donald Trump

Sally Yates was appointed by the previous US President Barack Obama and controlled immigration litigation of the justice department. The justice department has had to handle many federal complains which are being filed since the immigration ban order which has become the biggest topic of discussion lately.

According to online reports, a White House statement also mentioned that Sally Yates was fired as she was not capable of managing illegal immigration and was weak in doing the same which again is a shocker since she had worked endlessly under the Obama government for years.

As expected Democrats have not liked the decision at all and have condemned it.

Reports have also compared the happenings with Richard Nixon firing the Watergate prosecutor in 1973. For now all we can do is hope that the new government stabilizes and orders are executed taking into consideration emotions and security of the US citizens.