This Tuesday saw a meeting take place between rapper Kanye West and President-elect Donald trump. The meeting took about 15 minutes and its' specific contents were not divulged by either party. West tweeted that he wanted to "discuss multicultural issues" with Trump, while the President-elect declared that they have been " friends for a long time".

But is this meeting of two seemingly different worlds such a unique event?

In the UK , in the early 60's the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson was quick to seize on a publicity coup and a meeting and photo opportunity with The Beatles was organised.

Wilson later championed the Fab Four to be awarded the MBE.

In1970 President Nixon met with Elvis Presley at The White House ostensibly so that Presley could discuss the problem of drug abuse amongst the younger generation. Presley asked Nixon if he could be awarded an FBI badge and be made an 'Agent at Large' in order to fulfill his new 'role'.

Politicians boost ratings

politicians since then have never been short of taking the chance for boosting their PR ratings by posing with pop stars and in the UK who can forget Tony Blair rubbing shoulders with the Gallagher brothers of Oasis and Blur for the 90's "Cool Britannia".

So what can either party expect from such a seemingly strange alliance? In the case of Trump and Kanye West the similarities are there for all to see; both have monumental egos, both are extremely wealthy, both have model wives and both have dallied with bankruptcy in the past.

What's in it for the pop stars?

In some cases it is an effort to be taken seriously as a performer; U2s Bono for example has become a worthy campaigner for third world debt relief; Sting, previously of The Police has campaigned tirelessley about the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest and the plight of the indigenous tribes.

And who can forget Bob Geldof's efforts in promoting Live Aid in the early 80's.

From a politician's point of view the benefits may not seem so clear-cut. There was a need, perhaps in the earlier years to be seen to be rubbing shoulders with celebrities who had a glamorous lifestyle far removed from the political one, and also a level of public adulation that most politicians can only dream of.

A sign of things to come ?

But with Kanye West and Donald Trump, the similarities are there for all to see and one wonders if this is a sign of things to come, where politicians and pop stars have a mutually dependent relationship. Each needs the other to further their own 'brand' and improve their own standing in their world.