Pawan Kalyan: Jana chief leader power star Pawan Kalyan responded on national anthem in movie theaters which was made compulsory by Supreme Court in India and about patriotism. The act of playing national anthem in movie theaters came into force from November 10th, 2016. Several people have opposed this act by the top court in India and now Pawan Kalyan also joins the list. He spoke at length about patriotism in a series of tweets.

Pawan Kalyan's opinion on patriotism and national anthem in theaters

He started with saying "True patriotism will come from an experience when an individual or a political party goes beyond caste, creed, class, religion, region, ethnic and linguistic differences" in his first tweet.

In his second tweet, he said: "'patriotism' cannot be seen through one party's perspective or ideals".

In his third tweet, he said about the true meaning of patriotism according to him. "The true meaning of 'patriotism' is deeply rooted in human values and it is holistic in nature" he quipped.

In his fourth tweet, he fired on the ruling party. He said "In democracy, differing with ruling party's opinion or policy cannot be labelled as anti-national. Even if they want take such extreme view about their opponents, first let them hear out....without stifling their voice, then take the needed action.

In haste, if they take any action then it will backfire as it is did.. in the 'JNU-Delhi' students sedition case and it was proven that the tape was doctored."

In his fifth tweet, he said that it was not right to make the people sing national anthem in a theatre when they come out to spend time with their family.

He said "A simple evening to spend time with family and friends to watch a movie has been made into a testing ground to prove one's patriotism".

In his sixth tweet, He questioned why not national anthem at other places. He said "Why not political parties start their meetings with national anthem, why only cinemas?

why not the highest offices in the country? Those who and enforce laws- why don't lead us by example?? So they are 'SIGN Posts??'.

Finally, he expressed displeasure on making the law worst for Good ones and great for bad ones. He said " And when I see all these then it reminds me of American economist' Thomas Sowell's words: 'Are we turning the law into trap for honest people and bonanza for charlatans?'"

Thus Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan who is going to participate in 2019 Elections reacted in his own style on Patriotism issues which recently happened around the Country.