Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has attributed Labour's low poll ratings to the distraction of the 2016 leader contest , in a recent interview. Further, Corbyn stated that some Labour MPs will never be happy while he is in charge of the party.

Trouble Ahead

Labour has fallen to its lowest level in the polls since former prime minister Gordon Brown was leading the party in the wake of the recession in 2009. The latest polling figures, which have Labour polling at around 25 percent, raise serious concerns for the party, particularly if Theresa May determined to call a general election to get a mandate for her government's Brexist plans.

Moreover, the inexorable rise of UKIP, who may admittedly struggle due to the charismatic Nigel Farage focusing on other projects, poses a threat to many traditional Labour seats due to Corbyn's unwillingness to commit to a coherent immigration policy.

However, in an interview with the New Statesmen, Corbyn appeared sanguine in regard to both his future as Labour leader and the future of the party. Corbyn highlighted the increase in membership to the Labour Party-most notably in young people- while offering hope in the face of Tory programmes of austerity.

Asked about why voters are quick to dismiss his economic plans, Corbyn suggested the pervading culture of hate and blame have had an adverse affect on his image: "There's a lot of hate out there.

People think about things ore deeply than people give them credit for. And a lot of mainstream media tend to live in an echo chamber and don't recognise there is a parallel system of information out there in social media."

Corbyn's interview with the New Statesmen came as Labour MPs reacted with vitriol in response to the news that Corbyn had hired former Sinn Fein politician, Jayne Fisher.

One backbench MP told the Guardian that it was a "disastrous decision that will result in a load of headlines about Corbyn's longstanding support for the IRA."

Despite being under media scrutiny for hiring Fisher, Corbyn offered a resolute message of hope: "We are on our way. We are hopeful. We are confident. We are committed"