US elections 2016 has gripped the whole world's attention. Fox 31 Denver carried a story about the Denver and Colorado voting system going down and as this involved the voter database, voting was disrupted. The Democrats called for a two-hour extension, which is three times the amount of time the hitch held up voting. Colorado was severely affected by this said CBS4, but a Denver District judge ruledagainst the appeal for an extension.

Election extension in Coloradoopposed by State office

According to the Secretariate for the State's Office of Colorado in a post on Twitter, they opposed the extension as the outage did not stop the voting.

"We have had two weeks of voting andeveryone got a ballot. We have no reports of long lines and anyone in line at 7 [p.m.] can still vote."

According to spokesperson Lynn Bartels, for a short time, they were unable to processthe mail-in ballots that required "signature verification." Nevertheless, it was a short outage and anyone can still vote until 7pm. It seems the system does go down from time to time, but the outage is being investigated.

A much-hypedswing state

Colorado has been much-hyped as an important swing state for Donald Trump. As Lara Rutherford- Morrison points out in Bustle, The Colorado winner could "take all." and "whichever candidate wins the most votes in the Centennial State will receive all nine of the state’s Electoral College votes.

And in an election this close, those nine votes could be crucial."

Colorado could be vital to the Clinton camp

Historically Colorado voted Republican, but in the past two elections, they swung the Democrat way and voted for Obama. According to some analysts, Hillary Clinton would probably need to win Colorado to 'get the cat into thebag' so to speak.

Closet Trumpers.

This has been a tense and rather strange election, where it has been alleged that many people secretly want to vote for Trump but to say so publically is somehow not the done thing. CNN indicated that this state is now firmly a blue state and pro-Democrats, but Hillary should not count on it. Donald Trump seems to have a lot of closet followers, and those older red voters from pre-2008 are still active and remembering 'the good days' of Republican majority.