As the days tick down on his presidency, President Barack #Obama has received some good news - he is now officially more favourable than Republican hero Ronald Reagan. As America gears up to choose its next president, a new CNN/ORC poll shows that 55% think he has done a good job as commander-in-chief. With a mere few months left in the Oval Office, America's first ever African-American president is now third in the all-time approval ratings table, behind Dwight Eisenhower and Bill clinton, according toFiveThirtyEight.

Obama surpasses Reagan

During 1988 the then President Reagan was sitting on a 51% approval rating, whereas Obamahas now built up a superior rating at the same time in hispresidency.

The former Chicago senator has seen a steady increase from the dark days of 2011, when he was down at a 40% approval rating with the American electorate. With decreasing unemployment figures placing US unemployment at 5% and the Affordable Care Act being credited for providing 20 million Americans with healthcare insurance, President Obama has received widespread praise from economists and experts alike, as he looks to cement his legacy among iconic Democratic presidents like John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Even though this approval rating is not too near the lofty heights of 69% that followed his historic inauguration, it must be lauded that 55% is a solid finish to a presidency that historians are claiming will be looked back on with pride in the years to come.

Obama paves the way for Clinton

As the current commander-in-chief is ever-present on the 'Hillary For America'campaign trail, it is clear to see how highly he thinks of her. This was exemplified at theDNCin July, in whichheclaimed that"there has never been a man or woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America".

With numerous election polls placing trump and Clinton almost neck-and-neck, it remains to be seen whether President Obama's impressive approval ratings will be enough to secure a victory for Hillary Clinton come the early morning of November 9th.