In yet another surprising twist in this historical US election, two former Republican presidents in the shape of George W bush and his father, are reportedly contemplatingvoting for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton come November 8th. According to Jeb Bush's son -George P Bush- both former occupants of the Oval Office are set to shun controversial Republican candidate Donald Trump and vote for a Democrat, in an unprecedented move. As he addressed a room full of Republicans in San Marcos, Texas, he claimed that he is the only Bush voting for a Republican in this election.

Hillary the better option?

Ever since the US Presidential Election cycle began last year, it has been well documented how critical Republican candidate Donald Trump has been of the Bush legacy. As well as having been a consistent critic of the Iraq War -an everlasting aspect of the Bush dynasty- Trump was also a fierce opponent of Jeb Bush, in which they clashed several times during the television debates. While Jeb Bush has stated that he refuses to vote for Trump or Clinton, it is being widely speculated that both former presidents view Clinton as the better option.

Unusual Move Towards Hillary

Going on past presidential elections, past presidents are expected to speak up and endorse the party nominee.

Although this time around there does not seem to be any endorsement in sight from the two politicalheavyweights, thus making their move towards Hillary all the more astounding. Historian Mark Updegrove, director of the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas, stated that circumstances such as these are "virtually unprecedented".

"It's protecting the Republican brand they've been such a part of. Because they're statesmen and gentlemen they're not going to come out and speak harshly of Trump," he said.

According to WJLA,Kathleen Kennedy Townsend -Robert Kennedy's daughter- confirmed via Facebook that 41st president George H.W. Bush admitted that he intends to vote for Hillary, along with a photograph of them both shaking hands.