President-elect Donald Trump met President Obama for transition talks at the White House. After surprisingly beating Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by 279 votes 228, Donald trump will become President of the United States on January 20th, 2017. Despite describing the then Republican nominee as "unfit for office" during his recent election campaign speeches on behalf of Hillary Clinton; Obama has acted swiftly to provide a peaceful transition of power between the two figures.

Rooting For His Success

On the day after November 8th's historic presidential election result, President Obama stated in his speech in the Rose Garden that "we are all rooting for his success" and "ultimately we're all on the same team" in a dramatic show of unity following the climax of the US presidential election.

Both men sat in the Oval Office in which they addressed a pool of reporters. Obama said that they discussed both foreign and domestic policy, amongst other issues.

Outgoing Vice-President Joe Biden is said to have met his future replacement Mike Pence, according to The Guardian.

A Very Good Man

CNN reports that former reality TV star Donald Trump today told reporters several times that he believes President Obama "is a very good man".

While Obama and Trump met for over an hour to discuss their visions for America, First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed Melania Trump in to the White House.

Trump's dramatic election has already lead to widespread protests in cities such as Seattle, New York City and Chicago and apparent hate crimes are already on the rise.

This despite the New York property tycoon vowing to "be a President for all Americans" on the night of his victory.

Following his discussions with President Obama, Mr Trump set off to have in-depth talks with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Will Trump carry on with the divisive rhetoric he regularly used during his 'Make America Great Again' presidential campaign? Or will he change his ways and govern like a pragmatic businessman should?