Back in 2014 Barack Obama, being the dude that he is, passed a motion through congress banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. He is a president that has fought relentlessly to give his country a better future, including those identifying within LGBTQ. Now it seems Mr Trump, cannot help but resist tearing down any progress Obama made.

You did not get the job because you're gay

Congratulations everyone, with all the things taking place in our country and around the world, I am pleased to announce we cracked time travel and are back in the 1940's.

Just kidding. Believable for a moment though wasn't it? Because the things flashing up in the news at the moment just cannot be real.

Trump appears to have toed the line with the LGBTQ community through out his campaign ,even at one point suggesting sexual orientation should not be a factor considered when offering employment to an individual. However it seems the truth is finally out as he has pledged to back an extremist republic bill allowing homophobic discrimination.

So we have issues with race, with gender and now with sexuality. Trump really does appear to offer all great things you could want in a leader, he just loves to get on with everyone (cue sarcasm).

At what point does the gender you identify as, the colour of your skin, or who you sleep with affect how well you can do a job.Don't worry about taking CV's anymore, your little black book will be plenty.

FADA. What will it do?

Nada. For one. Besides hinder the progression of society, the human race and equality and celebration of all life. There are no positive consequences of this law being passed.

FADA is the name of the bill Trump has pleded to back. It stands for the First Amendment Defense Act.Basically it would allow LGBTQ discrimination, so people can refuse to give you a home if you identify as any part of this community, refuse to give you a job and also refuse to provide you with medical care.

The condition in all of this, is that for any accusations of discrimination made by any kind of professionals must be backed up by strong religious beliefs to be allowed.

Pink News quoted The FADA as reading"action against a person, wholly or partially on the basis that such person believes or acts in accordance with a religious belief or moral conviction that marriage is or should be recognised as the union of one man or one woman, or that sexual relations are properly reserved to such a marriage."

Again essentially if you are somebody of strong religious beliefs, or claim to be, then it will be ok for you to refuse help, shelter and money to members of the LGBTQ community.

And in the passage there to quote it again these beliefs can be either 'religious, or from moral conviction.'

The fight for equality does not end does it? Trump a white, middle class male, is able in his position of accepted power, that he has lived under since birth, can make the decisions of who can be accepted and who will not. He is unable to comprehend the lifestyle of those that have had to fight for laws to be passed on their behalf; in order to allow them safety, love, and a life led without hiding.

He has no idea what is it to be treated as sub-humans who have had to struggle to even gain the basic rights that Trump, because of the labels he falls into, automatically just have access to.

Once a man claiming people should not be fired due to sexuality, now makes a direct stance for the very opposite of the sentiment, and wishes to pass a law that will allow people's personal opinions and homophobia to deny other people the right to earn a living and live healthily.

It is good to know as we creep ever closer to the elections,that Trump is now foregoing any attempt to appear humane, or reasonable and is showing us what a crude, hateful and deplorable soul he truly is.