The UK needs immigration because native Britons are "bloody stupid," claimed Lord Kerr of Kinlochard at an event held by the Institute for Government. While this may be a little excessive, there is no denying that a country needs the "injection of intelligent people" to keep running and growing. In the light of the post-referendum movements, one can in all honesty wonder if the Brexit vote can be taken as seriously as politicians believe it is.

People voted for a Brexit campaign built on lies

One of the key arguments for keeping the UK to itself and safely out of the EU was the pledge that £350 million a week could be given to the NHS instead of the EU.

Unfortunately, it rapidly appeared that the promise of a better, wealthier UK was a big, fat lie.

Nigel Farage admitted that parts of the Brexit campaign were untrue. A legal case launched by Marcus Ball and entirely supported by crowd-funding is targeting the politicians who lied as part of their Eu referendum campaign. For the sake of fairness, Marcus Bell's legal team will be looking at the lies of both Brexit and Remain campaigns. Yet, this sets a dangerous situation in which it is difficult not to query the validity of the vote result.

The Brexit vote leads to over 40% increase in hate crimes

Racist and hate crimes have been on the rise following the Brexit victory. Abusive language, unfair dismissal, violence, you name it.The Police have confirmed the violent reactions that the Brexit campaign has wrongly justified.

Many immigrants in the UK have faced terrible attacks in relation to the Brexit beliefs. The tragic killing of Jo Cox by a violent, nationalist Briton has been the culminant point of the Brexit madness as experienced by the great public. The violence that divided the UK was not caused by immigrants, as promised by Nigel Farage, but in greater parts by native Britons.

Can we truly trust a nation that has shown its most bestial face to be in a legal position of deciding of the future to come? Can any vote that leads to such brutal behaviour be judged valid?

Britons are changing their minds about Brexit vote

Fully understanding the meaning of their decision in the light of the so far ineffectiveness of Theresa May's government, over a million of Britons now wish they voted Remain.

It is still unclear whether there will be a second referendum based on more honest campaigns, or whether the Parliament will be able to stop Brexit from becoming a country of "bloody stupid" people as mentioned by Lord Kerr. Yet, other EU members in the past did no follow the democracy path: They have chosen to ignore the vote of their people to leave the union. In the light of the current indecision and social instability, we can only hope that Brexit can be toned down for the sake of an intelligent UK.