Brexit and its consequences

By Thursday the UK will vote on whether or not to stay in the EU. A “ leave “ vote will have disastrous effects for the international community as well as for the UK itself. With business confidence shaky and the pound sterling taking a beating against major currencies the current situation looks bleak as the anti-Brexit campaigners already predict major job losses for Britain and an economic meltdown.

With that said there is a far more sinister danger that goes along with a successful Brexit as the break up is more commonly known.

The problem is not economic as your accountant might tell you, it is a social problem. The result of a British axing from the EU could very well lead the world and Europe into pre-world war 1 and 2 ideologies, wherein small tiny Nazi-style Nationalist, fascist ideologies live and breed. In France and Germany, supposedly weak right-wing political parties are gaining massive amounts of support by banging the anti-immigrant drum. The French right-wing political party led by Maxine le Pen continues to make serious ground in drumming up support and she could very be a serious contender for the 2017 elections. In Germany, the racist Alternative for Germany party is seen as a sharp rise in support as well.

In the UK the Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, a man who claimed that there is a higher chance of sex crimes by immigrants should the UK stay in the EU, has also seen a surprising rise in popularity.

What does this all mean?

What does this all mean? For the UK, apart from job losses and an economic meltdown it could mean disintegration.

The Scottish will be asking for a new referendum on leaving the UK, leaving the English and Welsh on their own. On a political front David Cameron faces a revolt from his own party irrespective of the result on Thursday and a strategic move by former mayor Boris Johnson. This means months or even years of internal political warfare within the Conservative Party.

For the international community a successful Brexit has far reaching implications, trade ties will suffer as a result.

Thursday's vote will indeed change the economic and political landscape forever, should Britain annul themselves from the EU and essentially the world. We will be faced with dangerous political conditions that were prevalent during the turbulent years of the 1930’s.