The hastily scribbled notes (which made them difficult to decipher) were caught by a camera outside 10 Downing Street on Monday. They seem to suggest that the political powers handling Brexit have given up hope of a single market as was the original plan and are no longer looking to Norway’s trade deal for inspiration. There are also suggestions that the UK will leave the authority of the European Court of Justice (though this won’t necessarily lead to a barren, lawless, Mad Max-style wasteland), which “fits” the Prime Minister’s policy against immigration, and that a “Canada-plus” trade deal will be reached.

The team at Downing Street have been quick to dismiss the notes, saying they don’t represent government policy. However, they do represent the inside track on Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations.

Notes reveal Theresa May’s Brexit plan

The notes allude to a transitional agreement as the UK leaves the EU, stating that without transition, the negotiations would be “problematic for EU,” while the “model” they are going for with Brexit is simply referred to as “have cake and eat it,” which is apparently the best May can offer in terms of political strategy. This might be why she has continued to refuse to reveal her strategy, because it is so comically simplistic.

Michael Barnier’s name is jotted down on the document next to a note that it is “unlikely we’ll be offered single market,” and saying that the criteria if this is the case is “clear,” and that is the “more open the better.” Barnier is the chief negotiator for the EU and he’ll be instrumental during these Brexit dealings.

Also, leaving the European Court of Justice comes up as “ECJ and control of borders won’t fit” May’s leanings against immigration.

‘French likely to be most difficult’

It was originally suggested that the UK would be taking a similar deal to Norway with Brexit, but it looks as though they have turned against that idea. The notes point out “two elements” as to “why no Norway,” being “no ECJ intervention” and “unlikely to do internal market.” They say they are looking now to a “Canadian deal” situation instead as the notes also add, “French likely to be most difficult,” and, “Don’t want instability in Europe...fearful of us as competitor.”

The notes were being carried by an aide to staunchly pro-Remain Tory MP Mark Field (the city he represents is only London, the capital city and business epicentre of the country), who had been in a department in 9 Downing Street, the building that houses Brexit Secretary David Davis’ office, and was headed to No. 10 for a quick pop-in when the footage was captured, before going back to the belly of the beast known as Parliament. Field has declined to comment.