Jo Cox's killer has been sentenced to a life sentence in prison. Jo was a British politician and member of parliament. She focused her last years fighting for an end to the war in Syria and for equality for Palestinians. On June of this year she was heading to a meeting in Birstall, when a man approached her outside of the library where the meeting was going to take place, and according to witnesses, shot and stabbed her repeatedly.

American based white supremacy movement and ideology

A 77 years old man was injured while trying to save her, but survived.

The assailant screamed "Britain first" , the far-right party "Britain first" released a statement saying they were not involved in the attack nor encouraged the party to commit any crimes. The 52 years old terrorist lived in the district that Cox represented and was connected to an American based terrorist neo-nazi movement, the national alliance. The movement promotes anti-semitic, separatist and white supremacist ideologies and was founded by a university physics professor in West Virginia, US and have been connected to other crimes including the attempted bombing during a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial march, in Spokane, Washington.

The terrorist has no mental disease

A psychiatric evaluation revealed that Thomas Mair did not suffer from any mental disease and evidence obtained by police, showed to the court he was obsessed with nazism and white supremacy.

The evidence included books, other publications and his activity on social media and online. Cox's husband told the court “We feel nothing but pity for him, that his life was so devoid of love that his only way of finding meaning was to attack a defenceless woman who represented the best of our country in an act of supreme cowardice”.

The assassin showed no remorse on court, rolling his eyes and Brendan Cox read a statement. He did not present evidence for defense either. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said "Jo Cox murder was an attack on democracy". The national alliance movement has been for decades one of the most dangerous neo-nazi organization.