Far left candidate Jeremy Corbyn has set the alarm bells ringing in Labour ranks as according to a YouGov poll featured in the 'The Times' Mr Corbyn is 6 points ahead of rival Andy Burnham.  Mr Corbyn is on 53 % which led to the intervention of former Labour leader Tony Blair saying a Jeremy Corbyn win would be a disaster for the Labour party and would put the party back in the wilderness in the dark days of when people like Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock ruled the roost.

Jeremy Corbyn himself has declared that to say he is going to win the Labour party leadership is a little premature to say the least.

 It seems the anti - austerity wing of the Labour party coming from the far left of the party and also from younger members is the thing that has galvanised Jeremy Corbyn's stratospheric rise.  Mr Corbyn apparently only entered as an alternative to Liz Kendal, Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham to add a bit of a difference. 

Andy Burnham was going to vote against the new proposed cuts to welfare but is now following the party line of voting to abstain as outlined by current leader Harriet Harman.  In a conversation with veteran political pundit Andrew Neil on BBC2's 'The Politics Show' Harman put the cat amongst the pigeons as far as a lot of left leaning Labour MPs were concerned when she said Labour should not challenge all of George Osbornes' cuts to welfare and other parts of his budget.


Of course all this confusion amongst the Labour party over which way to go politically can only be to the satisfaction of David Cameron, George Osborne and the parliamentary Conservative party.  It seems the only real opposition to the Conservative party and its austerity agenda is the SNP which forced a vote on relaxing fox hunting to be put on the back burner indefinitely at Westminster.

This led Nicola Sturgeon to comment that indeed David Cameron is not lord of all he surveys and will not if the SNP have anything to do with it always get his way.

It would be quite apparent that Liz Kendal the only Blairite in the contest would be Blair's favoured candidate however according to guests and pundits on BBC2's current affairs programme 'Newsnight' it is unlikely she will secure enough support to gain the leadership of the Labour party but is a fighter and will stick it out come what may.