There appears to be much anguish and wringing of hands by senior Labour Party figures at the thought that Mr Jeremy Corbyn could be elected as Party Leader in the up and coming Leadership Elections.

The Party needs to elect a new leader following the resignation of Ed Milliband in the aftermath of the Party's humiliating defeat in the recent General Election.

The grandees of the Labour Party who are getting jittery at the thought of having the very Left Wing politician as the Party leader, say that if Corbyn gets the job, the Labour Party will become un-electable by a voting public which has grown to expect politicians in the UK to scramble over each other in a struggle to be seen to occupy the Nirvana they call the "Centre Ground".

But in my opinion it would confirm that the Labour Party has become short-sited and short on ambition if Jeremy Corbyn is not elected as the new leader of the Party.

As I see it, the "battle" for the Centre Ground has ultimately created voter apathy. Because if all politicians and all Political Parties claim to be occupying the same Ground - whether that be Left, Right, or Centre - one's vote no longer has any currency. Okay, so the real students of Politics can identify and point to differences in Policy, but, to the average voter there is a Significant Truth in the saying: "It doesn't matter who you vote for, the Government always gets in."

And this is why I say that the Labour Party needs to elect Jeremy Corbyn as its leader.

Indeed it is not only supporters of the Labour Party who need Corbyn to be elected; anyone interested in the political landscape of the UK needs Corbyn to be elected as the head of the Labour Party.

Some people are saying that the Labour Party will become un-electable under Jeremy's leadership. And, as a socialist myself I would say that I probably agree that that is a distinct probability.

But Corbyn is a SOCIALIST - and the Labour Party is supposed to be a SOCIALIST political party....Something it stopped being when Tony Blair hijacked it to form the TBCG Party (Tony Blair's Centre Ground Party).

So, if a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party cannot get elected, does that mark the end for Socialist Politics in the United kingdom?

Of course not. In fact, I believe that it will mark the beginning of a revival for SOCIALIST politics and SOCIALIST thinking. And, through example set by a True (if hard-line) Socialist in the form of Mr Corbyn, Left Wing Poetics will become honest again; representing an honest Opposition to a glib and self-satisfied, aimless and dithering Conservative Anti-Social Government.

A Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party will not only find itself given a much needed dose of resuscitation, I believe that it will breath life into the virtually comatose body that is UK Politics. Politics will come alive again and there will be once again some purpose to Political discussion and debate. Socialism and Conservatism will be forced to abandon the Middle Ground, giving it back to the Liberal Democrats.

And once again the voting public will have genuine choices to make.

In time, Corbyn will be replaced as leader of the Labour Party by someone a little less Left Wing than he (and hopefully by someone a little more Left Wing and a little less of an egotist that Tony Blair). Politics will matter again - And we - all of us Left, Right, or Centre will have Jeremy Corbyn to thank for that