In the troubled country that is Yemen, Saudi Arabian, warplanes and other Arab nations have been bombing the Shia Houthi rebels, who in their rebellion against the central government have captured a lot of ground that makes up the country of Yemen found in the southern part of the peninsula, that makes up a collection of Arab countries, the biggest of course being Saudi Arabia.

The central government of Yemen led by President Abd - Rabbu Mansour has fled to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia where the Saudis are giving him sanctuary and have acted militarily against the Houthi rebels who are of the Shia branch of Islam on Mansour's behalf.

The Saudis being ardent Sunni Muslims of the Wahhabi faction do not want a rebellion of Shia Muslims over the border in Yemen causing trouble on their southern flank thus the military intervention by Saudi warplanes.

The Saudis accuse the Iranians of arming the Houthi rebellion as the revolutionary government in Tehran is of the Shia sect of Islam. Iran claims it is not arming the rebels and has requested an end to the fighting and dialogue by both sides in the conflict.

The Iranian Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari says the Iranian vessels patrolling off the south coast of Yemen, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden were dispatched from the Iranian naval base of Bandar Abbas and are on anti-piracy duties.

That is as maybe, but they will also certainly be keeping an eye on the conflict in Yemen and reporting back to their clerical masters in Tehran.

The area where the Iranian ships are patrolling is the area that links Europe to the Middle East and is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

It is obvious the Americans will have been giving the Saudis intelligence on the Houthis as Saudi is a major friend of the West and particularly the United States, but recalling my former article on the subject of the Saudi intervention in Yemen, the Americans have reached an agreement with the Iranians on their nuclear programme for it to be cut back, in order for sanctions applied to Iran to be eventually lifted if Iran goes along with the agreement and Obama saying that one day Iran and the US could be friends again should the agreement go without a hitch.

This area of the world is one to be watched by the media and interested people in general.