(Article originally posted by Blasting News France)

On January 5th, 2012, the meeting of France's council of ministers elected Laurent Stefanini to become the country's designated ambassador to the Holy See. A position that is envied by many diplomats these days.

Was it a provocation?

The French government's choice has not at all pleased the Vatican City state authorities, which is part of the smallest country in the modern world, that also happens to be Europe's last true monarchy. The position that Stefanini was due to take up has been left vacant since March 1st of this year, as he was due to arrive at the Villa Bonaparte.

Laurent Stefanini is openly gay, and it apparently seems to be the reason that would move the Vatican to immediately confirm his term in office. The Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, who was also the former president of France's Conference of Bishops, nevertheless sent a letter directly to Pope Francis to support the choice of the Elysée.

Some members of the Roman Curia believe that Stefanini's appointment as ambassador-elect is a clear provocation. It has been well documented that the Catholic Church is not comfortable on homosexuality, despite Pope Francis showing tentative steps of openness and appeasement on this particular high-profile topic, since he was elected back in March 2013.

Reluctance from Manif Pour Tous' president

Some Catholics, who are still not moving forward, are also disputing the appointment. This is especially the case of Ludovine La Rochère, who is the president of Manif pour Tous, which opposes equal rights for same-sex couples. She has personally approached the Apostolic Nuncio in Paris to intervene on the appointment.

It is shown in black and white on Manif Pour Tous' official website that it condemns any violence, any expression of homophobia or intolerance in whatever form.

Homophobia - is it truly unacceptable?

In 2015, it is really impossible to think that for a one moment that a man can be excluded for taking such an important position, just because of his sexual and emotional preference.

It is unclear, but there is hope that the Vatican may not just base the decision around homophobia this time around, which is a highly intolerant form of unacceptance in the modern world we live in. It could be just a simple misunderstanding that has no real link with Laurent Stefanini being gay, who is still looking forward to taking up his new residence in the Villa Bonaparte.