Well it was reported on the media tonight that David Cameron visited Buckingham Palace to see Queen Elizabeth to declare that the British general election had kicked off in earnest and that parliament for the time being was officially closed.

David Cameron appeared outside No 10 at the podium to a waiting press and announced that either he or Ed Milliband would be walking through the door of 10 Downing Street. He said it was important to keep him in office as Britain had apparently improved. Thats as maybe but plenty of political leaders in the weeks leading up to the general election in May will dispute this.

Already Labour and the Tories have started duelling over policy accusing each other of this, that and the other, while Nick Clegg, Deputy Pm and leader of the Lib Dems has been out on the campaign trail while the media showed UKIP and Nigel Farage unveiling policies on a mobile poster board. The Scots and Welsh nationalist parties will be getting into top gear as will Northern Irish parties like the DUP and Sein Fein.

Many people on the media, when interviewed, all agree this will be a close run thing mainly between Conservative and Labour while others did not know who to vote for and others said they wouldn't vote as all the parties promise the world and then go back on their word.

Fresh faced leader David Cameron in 2010 promised to give English votes for English MPs only, the country is still waiting for this; they promised an end to old people having to sell their homes to go into care homes, this has never been delivered upon; and finally they said the welfare system needed a shake up and they shook it up in a way that has put many in poverty and reliant on food banks, especially in the north west of England.

When the 7 way party debates begin many in England are asking why do English voters have to watch Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP and Leanne Wood of Plyd Cymru debate with the other parties when their parties are for Welsh and Scots issues; but like it or not, the SNP if they get a landslide at the general election in Scotland will be sitting in Westminster maybe even dictating or influencing policy on any majority or coalition government.

The Greens and UKIP are also sure to be a significant part of this election, so here we go, hold on to your hats the general election in the UK has officially started.