With the clear mandate given to Israeli Premier Binyamin Netanyahu he now has the support of the people to carry on his right wing agenda with the support of other right wing and religious parties. Apparently Mr Netanyahu has dumped some of the more 'extreme' people in his party and as for his plea to voters that Arabs would vote for the left of centre Zionist Union party led by Mr Herzog, it appears that is ultimately what gave Mr Netanyahu the victory he needed.

A picture appeared in the media of Mr Netanyahu giving thanks at the Wailing Wall for his victory in Israel's general election.

 It is more than likely that in Washington where the Obama regime is at odds with Israel and its conduct under Mr Netanyahu, there will be worries of what the Israeli leader, emboldened by his win, will do next. Certainly in the EU there will be consternation, as Israel's relations with the EU have suffered, particularly in the wake of Israel's attacks on Gaza last year.  Officially of course, Obama will congratulate Netanyahu on becoming PM again and will continue to fund Israel with money and weapons despite the strain in relations. The EU too will congratulate Netanyahu as will his left-leaning opponent in the Israeli election, Herzog.

Where does this leave relations with the Palestinians?

 One would think it now looks like a complete disaster. However, there are reports that perhaps Netanyahu might ease the settlements in the West Bank and try and be more pragmatic, that maybe so, but it remains to be seen.  

Certainly it is unlikely Netanyahu will give up on his 'Iran being a threat with its nuclear programme' stance, despite a purported leaked Mosad report that Iran's nuke programme is for peaceful purposes only and not for a bomb.


It must be very frustrating for Mr Netanyahu to see Iran and Syria as unofficial allies to the US, with the on going conflict in Syria, and Iraq against Islamic State. Certainly Netanyahu has been very isolated diplomatically since his actions in Gaza, and his support of settlements being built in the West Bank by his counterparts on the world stage.

 Mr Netanyahu will never have sanctions applied against him like Putin, and he will never be as isolated diplomatically as Putin is, but, he is obviously aware of the ill feeling towards him throughout the world.

If anything though, like Putin, Netanyahu has a fresh mandate and will dig his heels even in more and won't care what the world thinks.  Netanyahu does have his supporters around the world, particularly among the right wing in the US. Whatever he does from now on, he will have their undying support for sure.