Alison Saunders has been campaigning for rape victims for some time and has now taken an important stance, highlighting that it is time to move beyond the 'no means no' argument when it comes to identifying situations where women have been unable to give consent. The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, said that the focus for the Police force during investigations should now were away from the alleged victim's testimony and focus on the suspect. Can the accused prove that the the act was in fact consensual, this will now be required to display innocence.

The Crown Prosecution Services objective is for people who are forced into situation due to the inability to refuse. Victims are often severely intoxicated at the time of attacks, either because of alcohol, drugs. The amendments made to the way rape cases are investigated in future will certainly be welcomed by victims of such incidents. The hope for all is that such changes will encourage victims of sexual assault to report incidents. Furthermore, once reported, police are making a concerted effort to ensure that cases of such nature do result in a conviction, something that has happened less as of late.