As the investigation into corruption and bribery within the ranks of FIFA continues with both an FBI investigation and one by Swiss officials, Sepp Blatter is preparing for reform. The head of world Football’s governing body was re-elected to a fifth term despite the issues he and FIFA faced. This was soon followed by his resignation. However, given the fact a new election will not be held until December of this year at the earliest or March of 2016 at the latest, Blatter still has plenty of time at the helm.

Because of this, the 79-year-old has stated that he has already begun work towards cleaning up the organisation and creating reform that will further improve FIFA for the future.

Blatter will work alongside the chairman of FIFA’s audit and compliance committee, Domenico Scala. A statement released from Zurich stated: “president Blatter and Mr. Scala are now working on the process to instigate meaningful reform of the administration and structure of FIFA.”

It is difficult to see how any real and meaningful reform could be passed in such a short timeframe, and with FIFA officials currently toppling like dominos, the issues within the organisation appear to be growing larger everyday. Blatter himself is under investigation, and while no charges have been filed, his deputy, secretary general Jerome Valcke was the latest to be dragged into the mud, leaving many to believe it’s just a matter of time.