Four days, that's how long it took for Sepp Blatter to go from being the president of everybody, as he so eloquently put it, to the president of nobody. There has been a remarkable turn of events within FIFA, and one nobody could ever have predicted when Blatter took to the podium to make what can only be defined as a defiant speech upon his re-election for a fifth term. The speech, in which he labelled himself as the 'president of everybody', and absolved himself of any responsibility regarding potential corruption within his ranks; was compared by many to a speech one might expect from a dictator.

And yet, Sepp Blatter, is the president of FIFA, technically a non-profit organisation.

FIFA scandal a surprise?

To those that do not consider themselves Football fanatics and don't follow the sport on a day-to-day basis, the corruption within one of sports most influential governing bodies came as quite a shock. However, to those who love the game, it wasn't much of a surprise - after all, when a non-profit organisation is sitting on a bank account with $2 billion in reserves, it's hard not to wonder if something might have gone astray.

But what happened in those four days?

That's the million dollar question, and one nobody seems to have the answer to. Speaking to several sources close within FIFA and close to the organisation itself, there appears to be a significant diversity of opinion as to what might have happened in between Blatter's re-election and resignation.

The overwhelming feeling in the camp following the story closely, from the world's press to the simple fans, is that Blatter was forced out. ESPN's Ian Darke pointed out that: "somebody has confronted Blatter, it's not like him not to ride out the storm, and you wonder if they've given him some kind of ultimatum and said to him, either go or we're going to nail you." While the FBI is investigating the current president, so far, there certainly doesn't appear to be any concrete evidence against Blatter, which is why he was able to run again and take power - this leads us to the second reason.

A power play for an ego

It sounds incredible, but several sources within FIFA have confirmed that Blatter may well have run again purely for ego. There appears to be a feeling that it will in fact be hard for the FBI or anybody else to find any payments leading to Blatter himself, because in actual fact, the president of everybody cared only about one thing: power.

And for that reason he stood for re-election in the midst of what can only be described as a category five hurricane, and survived. Having proved to the world he could win in the toughest of circumstances, he was able to step down and give himself at least five or six months in power, enough time to start 'fixing the broken toy.'

Pressure grew too great

The third reason given for his sudden resignation was simple pressure. Not only from fans around the world that had had enough of him, but most importantly, from the press. There has been a crusade against FIFA and Blatter for some time, particularly in the UK. The exposure of corruption meant the press around the world launched a full scale attack on FIFA, and more specifically Sepp Blatter.

While there is certainly good reason for the attack, sources within FIFA have highlighted that Blatter was forced out and could no longer stand in the face of the pressure, this despite not having taken bribes himself.

Believe what you will

As one swifts through the incredible amount of copy available regarding FIFA, Sepp Blatter, corruption, bribery, racketeering, and so on…it becomes difficult to fully make sense of what is currently happening. The overwhelming feeling, having spoken to a huge number of fans and press members, as well as several individuals close to and within FIFA, there are simply too many differing views and opinions to make sense of what is actually happening. Until official documentation that names and shames individuals surfaces, the rumour mill will continue to turn…