As I recall somewhere, did David Cameron and Angela Merkle not say multiculturism had failed as an ideology and a policy? Yet we plot on with this reprehensible policy of political correctness, equality and diversity.

What have we achieved with it, in a land where now you're frightened to speak about one group or another, for fear of being labelled racist or phobist? How can freedom of speech and free debate flourish in a climate where conversations about Muslims or Gays, for example, are disagreed upon? It is a persons right to disagree in a democracy, is it not?

Looking back at old comedies which are currently being shown on ITV 3, like 'On The Buses' where a black bus driver is called 'Chalky' and the black bus driver in the comedy thinks nothing of it; thats what we have lost; where people were called 'Jock' or 'Taff' and no malicious intention was meant. It was just banter. If some people find those words offensive, fair enough, but it seems we are taking all of this a bit too serious.

Years ago it was said "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". Now, all that is out the window. Instead of immigrants coming here and integrating and becoming part of us, different groups, religions, nationalities etc., are encouraged to be what they are first and to be British or English last.

Surely the American model is better, no matter what your ethnicity or religion; you are American first and whatever you happen to be after. Im not saying that your ethnicity or your cultural background doesn't matter, it does, of course it does, but first and foremost, you should be a citizen of that country you happen to emigrate to or are born in.

Many ghettos exist in inner cities, say the Asians, because they prefer their own kind. You see the same in Spain with British ex - pats, but to me this wrong. Though I can understand it to a certain extent, you should try and find out about the native population where you live.You may encounter prejudice or hatred, hence why immigrant communities feel better surrounded by their own people and places of worship but you have to try, otherwise what is the point of living in someone else's country?

Muslims come to mind, particularly the Pakistani community. Fair enough, I can understand their fear with the anti-Muslim feeling riding high right now, but it seems at times they don't want to integrate, assimilate, even inter-marry with the English population and if they do, they're too scared to do it for fear of their family. Polish immigrants, though foreign, come from a Christian/European background and fit in better and I would imagine do get on in the main with English society, though of course this may not always be the rule of thumb.

In the work place, in the schools or at college people are told to accept equality and diversity whether they want to or not. What about if you happen to disagree with it, you're not even given a look in.

This policy is dictated to us, day in, day out.

I say lets go back to being British first and whatever we are after (though with the Scottish and Welsh nationalists plus rumblings from the English being British is going through a transformation right now). I feel I am part of the silent majority who do not agree with the policy of multiculturalism but just get on their lives.