The important changes made to the manner with which sex offences are investigated from now on have been labelled as a “huge step forward” by campaigners in the UK. The new rules mean that during an investigation into an alleged sexual assault, the Police will be required to focus more on the suspects story and ensure that it does in fact indicate that the act was consensual between both parties.

There have been recent examples where the act was considered rape because the victim was considered too intoxicated to consent or refute. The most high profile case concerns Ched Evans, a 26-year-old Welsh footballer who was sentenced to five years in prison for raping a teenage girl when playing for Sheffield United in 2012.

Evans was released in October 2014 having served half his sentence, but remains on the Violent and Sex Offender Register indefinitely.

Upon release, Evans neared a deal with Oldham Athletic but the club pulled out following strong protests by campaigners. Evans is one of the high profile cases that police and campaigners hope will push more victims of sexual assault to report incidents.