Amanda Knox is reported as having registered as a speaker with an entertainments agency. Her entry shows she expects between US$5,000 - US$10,000 plus expenses for an appearance.

The Meredith Kercher attorney, Fransesco Maresca is quoted as slamming her tactlessness towards the victim's family, after her Talk at #Roanoke College last week in front of 150 law students and the public.

ANSA, the Italian News Agency, report him as saying last week:

"I hope I can convey how inappropriate this behavior is and how the family of Meredith Kercher can be adversely affected."

'I was demonized', Knox claims

The gist of Knox' talks are that she is simply a victim of 'demonization' by the Italian prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini and the press.

In particular, Nick Pisa, then of the DAILY MAIL, has been hammered in her documentary film as writing salacious reports during the trial. The Netflix film, 'Amanda Knox', was also shown at #Roanoke College as the background to her talk.

Knox maintains she is the victim of misogyny and a belief the aggravated murder was part of some kind of satanist rite by the Roman Catholic prosecutor. Court records do not support her claim that this was the grounds for her prosecution, although the fact of Halloween - the murder took place 1 Nov 2007, the day after - as was her boyfriend, #Raffaele Sollecito's penchant for self-proclaimed satanist Marilyn Manson, his expressed wish on FACEBOOK for 'extreme experiences' and the violent manga material found at his apartment were observations brought up by Mignini at the initial remand hearing before Judge Matteini.

Matteini concluded the crime was so serious and the likelihood of Knox absconding to the US was high. Thus she remanded the pair in custody.

Convicted, then unexpectedly freed

After the pair were convicted in 2010, after a trial, the convictions were upheld by the Appeal Court. The case was taken to the Supreme court, which annulled the conviction in 2015 on the grounds of a 'flawed investigation' and 'undue press influence'.

The judges, Marasca and Bruno, remark in their written reasons that it is a judicial fact she was certainly present at the cottage during the murder, did wash off Kercher's blood from her hands and did cover up for Rudy Guede, also convicted.

'The burglary scene was staged', the courts ruled

The final Supreme Court ruled that the burglary was staged.

In the Netflix film, Knox claims, 'Guede was the local burglar and he burgled my house.'

The pair were freed for the legal reason of 'Not Guilty due to insufficient evidence'. The words, 'innocent' and 'exonerated' do not appear anywhere in the judgment. In addition, the conviction for falsely accusing #Patrick Lumumba of the assault and murder was upheld, for which Knox served three years, in addition to one year in remand.

Raffaele Sollecito bid for compensation was rejected last year

Knox' co-defendant Sollecito failed in his attempt to win €500,000 in compensation last year, as it was deemed he lied time and again to the police, thus excluding himself from any because of misconduct during the investigation.

Knox is touring US colleges and Innocence Project conferences

In her latest move, Knox is touring America demanding up to $10,000 per event claiming she has been declared innocent and exonerated. She tells audiences that she was 'wrongfully imprisoned' for four years. That conviction has never been overturned and remains on her record.

Amanda Knox has an application to the #European Court of Human Rights outstanding, since 2013.