Unconfirmed reports are saying that Amanda Knox the ex-murder accused, aged 30, is now advertising an occupancy at US$80 per night, to share her kitchen, but having their own private entrance and bedroom, RADAR online claims. This is in addition to her registering as a speaker with an entertainment agency, All American Speakers.

'Booze and condoms on offer'

Reviewers have allegedly left reviews saying Knox and her live-in partner author Christopher Robinson were 'nice and accommodating'. The pair live in their Seattle home with three cats.

The couple were observed to have become an item, whilst Knox was supposedly engaged with ex-Pumps guitarist, Colin 'Thunderstrike' Sutherland, who appeared at her side in press photographs after the dramatic annulment of her aggravated murder conviction, by Italian Supreme Court in March 2015.

Reports of the Airbnb-style holiday rental claim there was booze and condoms on offer, 'and a whip displayed on the wall'.

Boyfriend Robinson is part of a newspaper magnate family

Robinson is the grandson of the late Seattle newspaper magnate Gerry Robinson. The Robinson Group of newspapers is still in the control of the Robinson family with cousin, Ken, in charge.

Ken Robinson clashed with Perugia prosecutor Mignini during Knox' trial, who threatened to sue him for his anti-prosecution comments in his newspapers. Amanda Knox was given a column in West Seattle Herald after her release. She met Chris Robinson whilst he was promoting his novel 'War of the Encyclopaedists', co-written with Gavin Kovite.

Knox attended the reading at the bookshop where she worked part-time with Sutherland. Sutherland has never commented on the split.

Chris Robinson is a self-styled 'Millenial Hipster'.

Ironic statement, or celebration of infamy?

The alleged 'condoms on offer' could be a reference to a claim during Knox' trial that Knox upset roommate, Meredith Kercher, by having explicitly adult implements display in the bathroom they shared together.

A theory for the murder was suggested by Appeal Judge Nencini, in 2013, that Kercher confronted Knox about her alleged poor hygiene and bringing a string of men home, and that a 'contretemps' ensued, leaving Meredith mortally stabbed in the throat, in one of the most notorious murders in recent years.

Knox looking for ways to increase income

Since her release, Knox has made herself available as a chat show guest. She has now secured a position with VICE-TV in New York to host a five-part series to do with #MeToo victimised women, whom she claims to identify with.

She has recently been spotted in Los Angeles giving rise to speculation she might be interviewing Patty Hearst.