Meghan Markle has touched the world and has sent waves of inspiration to millions of people. The royal wedding was an event of intense fixation among a salivating public, insatiable for more.

This is the world that Meghan has entered. Her life and the lives of those around her will be forever changed by her historic marriage to Prince Harry.

The price of Meghan's royalty

The price of royalty, for Meghan Markle and her family, will be steep. As the renowned American actress delved deeper into the folds of the Royal Family, her own family has been gravely affected.

Meghan's father, Thomas Markle, was notably absent from the wedding. His absence has been projected as a means to avert embarrassment for both parties.

While his aims were not mercenary in nature, he did not walk his daughter down the aisle, showing that the family complications resulting from their union are heavy. One can understand his many concerns from a paternal standpoint. Thomas Markle has seen his daughter skyrocket into the heights of fame, fortune, and royalty, and yet, like most fathers, he will possibly always worry.

Meghan hearkens to the age of Princess Diana

In many ways Meghan Markle's marriage to Prince Harry is a hearkening to the age of Princess Diana. The public interest in both weddings was quite remarkable.

Both figures inspired millions and there is a certain public tenderness for Prince Harry, being the beloved son of Princess Diana, whose every choice was in the spotlight. The paparazzi was merciless with Princess Diana and while there are many similarities to be drawn, one can only hope that Meghan Markle will not share such a commonality.

Meghan Markle shares many qualities with Princess Diana. They are both champions of the people in that they relate to them and interact with them in such a truly heartwarming way. Princess Diana was an important figure to Meghan Markle and still holds a tremendous amount of significance to her. Both extraordinarily progressive women have brought honor, integrity, and respect to the House of Windsor and the Royal Family generally.

There is an open sense of transparency that Meghan brings to the people, something that members of the Royal Family have had difficulty with in the past. The wedding itself was more relaxed by royal standards, featuring a gospel choir.

Meghan is loosening the rigid stance of the royals and in doing so, furnishing a tighter grip for them. The people embrace her as much as she has embraced the people; something that elevated Princess Diana into legend. Many people are wishing her a happy marriage and a happy reign. She has breathed new life into the positive spirit of public sentiment surrounding Princess Diana and has brought it back again. In doing so, Meghan has ushered in a new era of hope, which is, truly priceless.