James Damore has become an everyday victim of the left-wing hate culture that is being encouraged throughout Western society this decade. Unfortunately, his remarks will haunt him in the future, regardless of whether his lawsuit succeeds in suing Google or not. He was very brave to make those comments on an internet forum knowing his employers would see them. Others would say he was stupid. Perhaps he is both? Who knows? But regardless of whether you agree with his opinion that men are biologically more suited to engineering than Women, it is still his opinion.

"We have never had it so good"

Is there any scientific proof behind his claim? Possibly. We live in an age of equality of opportunity. To coin a phrase from former Tory prime minister Harold Macmillan, we have never had it so good. People of both genders are able to be employed for jobs that would have been out of reach to many men and women in the past. Was James Damore saying women should not become engineers? Of course he wasn't. It was just his opinion that men are better suited to it than women. Does his comment change the fact engineering is predominantly a male profession in the West? No.

According to the Women's Engineering Society, 66.2 per cent of men and 47.4 per cent of women left university in 2011 to work in British engineering and Technology.

Compared to 20 years ago, this is a rapid improvement. The then business secretary, Vince Cable, argued more can be done to attract female graduates. Schools these days do everything in their power to encourage all students to attend university. Nowadays, a degree is meaningless. Following the expansion of apprenticeships and vocational courses, there is more choice for youngsters now.

Regardless of whether one studies engineering as a degree or an apprenticeship, if this subject cannot attract enough students, maybe that is down to its nature as opposed to whether engineering is suited to men or women?

James Damore is not a bigot. He is being persecuted by a left-wing mob culture. Let's hope he wins his case and exposes Google for the politically-correct site it has evolved into. After all the venom the left projected on conservatives last year, let's make 2018 the year the centre-right fights back.