Love or hate Katie Hopkins, she knows how to generate a social media storm with her controversial opinion pieces. She is the victim of left-wing trolling and even many Conservative Party members disagree with her views. However, when she was fired from both the Daily Mail and radio station LBC, the news went viral. Ms Hopkins is so outspoken that she inspired a Black Mirror episode that involved the death of a columnist who was unafraid to speak her mind.

"Why can't left-wing journalists be sacked for inciting hatred too?"

Regardless of the former Apprentice star's antics, the same rules fail to apply to left-wing journalists.

Why is it that Guardian columnist Laurie Penny can get away with writing articles that encourage others to discriminate against conservatives and right-wing activists? The left claim to have a monopoly over compassion and decency, so why are lefties not calling out their beloved newspaper for inciting hatred? It feels like the left only defend those that share their views. It also begs a further question- if Katie Hopkins can be fired for airing her views about Muslims and Donald Trump, why can't left-wing journalists be sacked for provoking hatred?

Columnists like Laurie Penny may not be at risk of losing their jobs any time soon, but ultimately, The Guardian will fail in their war against the right.

They have already lost one of their most prized columnists, Paul Mason, who claims the newspaper is not left-wing enough for him. Their new look, which is similar to that of the Evening Standard's, will change nothing in the long-term. It is still a trashy newspaper.

Left-wing papers will eventually altogether lose. The Independent has already resorted to focusing entirely on an online edition.

They have even had to retract articles consisting of 'fake news' after being exposed by anti-establishment website Guido Fawkes. These are significant victories in the fight against the left-wing media.

It is important centre-right publications keep fighting against the left. The latter do not exercise the same standards they hold against their right-wing counterparts. As time surpasses, people will see through it and the only losers will be the hard-left.