Only a few hours left to one of the most anticipated times of the year - new year's Eve. The very next day, my Facebook page will be flooded with "New year, new me" posts. And even though some people might be sceptic about it, I actually belong to those who do believe that New Year's Resolutions make perfect sense.

I used to mock this tradition as well. If I made a list I never stuck to it. I think that when it comes to NY's resolutions we put too much pressure on ourselves. Once it's written WE JUST HAVE to do it. It becomes a duty and that's how it is with duties - we just don't like them.

Sometimes we list the things we think we SHOULD change for other people's sake rather than our own. So we end up not fully committed, because deep down inside, that's not what we really want.

We need something to hold on to

But New Year's resolutions are nothing else but life goals. These are essential in everyone's life. We need something to look forward to, even if it's the smallest thing, let me tell you - there's nothing scarier than just drifting with no purpose.

After I graduated and returned from holiday, I realised I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I had a job, but I didn't enjoy it. The last three months were terrifying. I felt like all my friends had moved on and were doing something important.

Of my two oldest friends one got engaged, the other decided to do masters. People moved out and adapted to a new order of things. And then, there was me - staying in the same city surrounded by the same people. Just because I wanted my life to stay the way it was when I was at university. I was trying so hard to save all the friendships and acquaintances.

I refused to acknowledge that there's no coming back. And there is actually no point in saving some of those things, because at the end - they're not worth it.

Every day is good to make plans

That's when I made the list of things I want to achieve. It wasn't a New Year's Day, but it didn't matter. I needed a guideline, otherwise, I would go crazy.

Having the list of my goals gives me s sense of purpose. The future doesn't scare me that much anymore. I know someone, who's so afraid of the future they never speak about it. This I can't seem to understand. That is exactly why you need to talk about it, make plans and set goals - to get the most of your life and not end up wasting your time. Because someday you will wake up and realise that the future you were so afraid of is now. And you won't know what to do, just like I didn't.

The list of things we want to either achieve or change is so important. We need something to focus our mind on. The beginning of the new year is such a good opportunity to make a change. And once we see the progress, it gives us, even more, motivation to carry on.