I have noted over many years the people who regularly spit out the phrase far right and add terms to it like scum, fascist and racist have several things in common. They cannot allow someone to hold a different view to themselves without violent posturing and insults. They usually are offering no solution themselves but are demanding others who have resources solve the problems for them while they all despise this country and refuse to acknowledge the good it has done and is still doing.

Lessons learnt while supporting the left

The observations began for me thirty years ago when I was very Left wing and politically active myself.

I watched as Union leaders agitated but would not support vulnerable workers because it was against their own interests. I could not help but see the way all the people in my circle demanded others solved problems, yet caused problems themselves. How every meeting was seething with jealousy and malice. My final vote for Labour was Tony Blair in 1997. After that I watched him, Brown, Mandelson and Straw go systematically about ruining the UK. I never voted for them again.

Unfettered mass migration, spending other peoples' money like drunks at a wedding, running up massive debt, hateful political correctness, an unnecessary war and bare faced lying as well as the rejection of democracy by reneging on a promise to allow a vote to leave the hated EU.

All ruined the country and the Labour Party.

From terrible to much worse

It gets worse of course. Clegg and Cable openly demand to overthrow democracy and remain in the EU even after a one time only vote where all the political class spent millions explaining what would happen if we voted Leave. Best of five they now cry like the spoilt children they are.

And from Labour a bunch of incompetents led by two Marxists who openly state they want to overthrow Capitalism and over decades have sided with terrorists.

Now they smell influence. They side with the EU, even though for years Corbyn has been against it. The Labour party becomes a home for anti Semites. They support a political and Fiscal ideal taken from Venezuela a once rich country reduced to Hell after a decade of Socialism and most of all they allow - no wait -more often encourage, their thuggish supporters in groups like Momentum, Antifa and Black Lives Matter to scream abuse and threats at anyone with different views.

Nobodies who feel they can dictate who can and cannot visit the UK!

They back their acolytes, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan, even as he presides over record knife and acid crime in our capital, in demanding we refuse the duly elected political leader of the most powerful country in the free world a respected state visit. The latest reason? Some tweets that he supported, originally made public by a "far right group." These tweets are perhaps poor examples of Islamic horrors. They come from a while ago, but there is no proof they were not genuine. It is not as though the problems are not real. Anyone can find online recent videos of children being slaughtered at a concert in Manchester, or pedestrians being deliberately mown down on London Bridge, or two hate-addled monsters driving into an off-duty soldier then trying to sever his head as he lay helpless on the floor.

These acolytes of the left pay more attention to a couple of unwisely chosen tweets than to the real problem the establishment is trying to hide and deny. Yet over the past years State visits from China (home to record numbers of State executions and human rights violations), Saudi Arabia, even Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe, have gone ahead amid minimal complaint. Reject, or worse still, highlight all this hypocrisy and you're 'far right scum'.

The reasons to reject Socialist and Liberal tut

Well, my journey across the political spectrum from the left to the right is still going on. So if being far right means wanting to properly confront the horrors of extremist Islam including ISIS and highlighting the issues in the UK of non integration, the wearing of the Burqa, female genital mutilation, child marriages, polygamous marriages, Halal slaughter of animals, unequal treatment of gay people and women, Sharia law, taxi rape gangs operating in many large cities and the violent intolerance of anyone mocking their religion; then I suppose I am pretty far to the right in my views.

Additionally, if it means demanding the country keeps to borrowing only money it can repay before babies born today become old age pensioners, respecting the people who pay the most tax, requiring people who can work do not take social security and encouraging a business-friendly approach that welcomes profits as the only way we can pay for services, then again I'm now guilty of a right-wing bias.

The UK being able to control its own laws as we have from the 13th Century, elect politicians who are subject to the will of the people, not pay 6 to 12 billion pounds net annually to a corrupt organisation that treats us with contempt, control our population so that we do not have a breakdown of public services and a swamping of our green belt- as well as being able to negotiate trade deals with any country we choose to, seem to me like the inalienable rights of a Sovereign country.

If however, this is far right politics then I proudly state that I hold those views.

Earn the resources to be able to help ourselves and others

Believing in the UK and placing people who have lived here and developed this country over generations as the most deserving of priority is not racist. It is what every reasonable country does to look after its own citizens. If their own country doesn't care for them then another country has to pick up the pieces. The UK is one of the very biggest supporters of the vulnerable in the world. It is always at the front of the fight for decency and in protecting those who can't protect themselves. As Margaret Thatcher, perhaps the figure most hated by the left, pointed out; the Good Samaritan did not just have good intentions.

He had the resources to be able to help. Just how much help have rich Union leaders, or Bishops, or the wealthy performers of music, stage and screen, or Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Vince Cable combined provided from their own pockets? That's right. A lot less than the despised Donald Trump.