Some things are so obvious there should be no need to explain them. Sadly in the United Kingdom at the present time, this is no longer the case. The lunatics are within touching distance of taking over the asylum, so we are compelled to illustrate some things that may well sound - indeed should sound - a little obtuse. No amount of politically correct double speak, or idealistic reports from left wing pseudo-intellectuals, or enthusiastic support from the so-called BBC can make the self-evident issues below less compelling.

The obvious truths the hard left need you to ignore

When your country has a national debt of somewhere around two trillion pounds, a figure that is about the same as its annual Gross Domestic Product, and is still a significant deficit, thus spending far more than it is earning year on year; any increase on borrowing is a flagrantly stupid action that is going to put generations of our children in danger of the modern day equivalent to the Debtors Prison written about frequently and feared by Charles Dickens in the 19th Century. So much for progress.

If a small amount of your population are funding an extremely large slice of your country's urgently needed services, and these people have the option to live anywhere they choose to, it is immensely idiotic to insult, despise and threaten them with even more punitive taxes.

About 1% of the UK population pays about 27% of all Income Tax and National Insurance, as well as owning many of the large companies that pay Corporation Tax and Business Rates from the profits they make. If these people are alienated and leave along with their companies, hopes for prosperity leave with them.

When a country has worked hard and built up its services including health, housing, education, social security, policing and prisons over decades, integrating a relatively small number of net immigrants and maintaining a stable total population that those organisations serve; increasing that population by a quarter of a million every year for a decade and a half (almost certainly more people have arrived but the numbers sneaking into the country are difficult to factor in), then those services will be over run and not fit for purpose as is happening in the UK now. This is especially true as most of the arrivals who do work have been low skilled and so pay little tax.

Many others are very vulnerable so don't or can't work. They are often mothers with large families that thus need more services.

When the country is negotiating the most important political, social and fiscal deal of the last fifty years it is important to unify around your negotiating team, not undermine it by demanding it keeps telling everyone - including the people it is negotiating with - exactly what its plans and red lines are and shouting to the world that you may change your mind and try to pull the rug away at any point.

All of the above would be obvious facts to any reasonably bright child leaving for their first year in secondary school. Incredibly many senior politicians, including the Leader of the Opposition and his Shadow Chancellor either don't grasp them or don't care about the damage ignoring them will do to our country.

If you don't believe Martians run Tesco why would you believe these two fantasists can run the UK?

The Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has recently been explaining how he does not need to know figures as he has an IPad and advisers! He seriously wants the UK to believe that you don't even have to know how much the lunatic extra borrowing will amount to. It will be tens of billions of pounds at least, but he's sure that the borrowed money will somehow be made up.

It was that sort of profligacy, although, on a much smaller scale, that left the country virtually bankrupt at the end of the last two Labour Governments of James Callaghan and Gordon Brown. It did not work then, it will not work now.

John doesn't care because he knows he won't be responsible for paying it back. He hopes the Capitalist system will be dead by then. It may be and we might all be in Hell like Venezuela, a country he and corbyn admire and base their fiscal and political thinking on. That country has gone from perhaps the wealthiest country in South America to a starving, bankrupt, crime-riddled basket case in less than a decade of Socialist rule. Zimbabwe is not doing too well either, following Mugabe's form of Socialism and stripping white farmers of their land; the people now starve.

In fact, no country adhering to Labour's ideas is anything but deadbeat on the international stage.

Corbyn and McDonnell demand power

They want to put in place an impossible Socialist Utopia. Everyone with experience (perhaps older than twenty when the Berlin Wall came down in1989) knows it is disastrous stupidity. Even Labour MP's voted no confidence in Corbyn by the dozens. But then he performed well at the last election and many MP's suddenly lost their principles. He bribed people with false hope. He told the young who have never lived through Socialism a load of idealistic nonsense and lied about removing their tuition fees. Left-wing newspapers like the Guardian and Independent saw an opportunity to bash the Tories and ignoring the good of the country portrayed him as a realistic option.

The lovies of film, television and music all shouted out Corbyn and McDonnell were right (they live in the harsh light of the real world after all). Of course, 70 or 80 million can live here, the rich can pay for them all. Anymore we need we can borrow. We can stay in the EU too. Ignore the majority vote, keep paying billions to Europe. Someone else will fund it.

This choice could not only throw away the future opportunities but sink the UK into squalor

If we choose this path we throw away the opportunities of a lifetime for perhaps longer than a lifetime. Margret Thatcher once skewered the then Liberal leader Paddy Ashdown. She demonstrated that his policies would make the poor poorer but he believed that was OK so long as the rich also became poorer.

Exactly the same destructive beliefs flow through Corbyn and McDonnell. They will try to ruin the wealthy even at the expense of the people they should be representing.

The wealthy will escape of course. They have the resources and options to thrive. But thanks to naive people and the Corbynista ideologues, the poor and the young will be left to pay for this wicked stupidity. That payback will last for a lot longer than the decade we have been trying to put right the mess the last Labour Government left us with.

Don't be taken in by these two zealots!