Jeff Sessions has succumbed to Political Pressure and Donald is not happy.It is hard to predict what will happen in Washinton. Events are moving so fast, first with the resignation of General Flynn and now the decision of Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from any Russian investigation. This was after president Donald had signaled that he had complete confidence in the AG, The entire atmosphere is supercharged. We must remember that Donald survived a concerted assault by leaks about his comments on women and the famous showers case in Moscow. But now he is pinned to the ropes.

Donald pinned

There are suggestions all round that he has a soft corner for the Russians. Suggestions of contacts between the Trump campaign team and the Russians have been leaked. The intelligence agencies appear to have leaked enough information and the damage is substantial. Hence any possibility of future contacts between Trump and the Russians is bedeviled. His credibility is getting eroded and his opponents are happy. The resignation of Trump's security advisor was the first casualty. This was engineered by the leaks. Looks like others will follow Flynn.

Jeff Sessions

Jeff is a well-meaning man, But his testimony got to him after it was leaked that he had met the Russian ambassador twice and didn't disclose it, during the confirmation hearings.

The political pressure began to tell on him when even members of his own party, started asking him to recuse himself. This is a way to build subtle pressure and despite Donald being behind the AG, he succumbed. He played into the hands of Donald's opponents. Maybe, if he was more of a hardened politician he would have reacted differently.


What of the future? The weeks or months ahead are not going to be easy. The opposition has the knives out. They are gunning for Donald but other names may crop up. Trump blames it on the leaks and says Obama and his old staff had a hand. One can't say for sure but we do know that a lot of people are ganged up against Donald and he has to box himself out.