When Russia invaded the Ukraine in 2014, why did they not just proceed with occupying the rest of Eastern Europe, which is part of President Putin's supposed "grand plan" to rebuild Russian imperialistic ambitions? It is no secret Moscow possesses the military resources to achieve this goal and former US president Barack Obama was too weak to stand up to the Russian President then. In theory, nothing could have stopped Russia.

The reason is because the continent is protected by NATO. This military alliance has been the preserver of peace in Europe since the Second World War.

Its survival depends upon the ability of nations to collaborate in pooling their resources together to prevent Russia from conquering Eastern Europe and more. That is why, if the situation deteriorated after the 2014 Ukraine invasion, President Putin's ambitions would have been halted.

"The evidence speaks for itself; Europe is safer under US protection"

The Independent published an article yesterday claiming the Russians hacked the EU Referendum. According to the newspaper, an undisclosed source from the Kremlin said it was no secret they were interfering in the Leave campaign. When President Trump had to respond to claims the Russians determined his victory last year, he said a Hillary victory would have been more beneficial to President Putin because she wanted a military conflict with Moscow.

The same logic applies to Brexit; why would the Russian President want Britain to leave a union that wants to create a European Defence Union, which would undermine NATO and allow him to divide and conquer the continent? The evidence speaks for itself; Europe is safer under US protection.

This is why President Putin would love a European Army; it would have no US influence.

Czech military analyst Martin Koller told Sputnik an EU Army would not resolve the refugee crisis engulfing Europe. A European Defence Union would cause member states to increase their defence spending and this would help nobody but the Russians.

"The only beneficiaries of an EU Army would be European defence companies"

The New York Times reported the only beneficiaries of an EU Army would be European defence companies, not the sluggish European economies, which are struggling enough.

President Putin is already determining the Middle East's fate. The Spectator wrote he is the only politician trusted to resolve conflicts there. If the EU wants to stop his influence spreading to Europe, they must abandon their plans for a European Army now.