It seems once again its Open Season on Christianity as Greggs latest advert has caused affront to Christians. The offending image is one of the Nativity Scene but instead of baby Jesus lying in a manger, it's a sausage roll. The perpetrators of this image seem to find something highly amusing about it.

Many Christians have found this advert anything but funny indeed they have been offended and rightly so. Head of the Freedom Association has described this image as "Sick" and described Greggs as "Cowards". He launched a social media campaign where social media users can register their complaint.

It does seem that whenever any Christian festival comes round the faith is open to attack whether that festival is Easter or Christmas.

Christianity is seen as an easy target

The Freedom Association has said Greggs or any other company would never mock any other faith. This is true as the politically correct age that we live in has laws to protect them so-called hate laws. Of course, other faiths should be protected by law if their followers find mocking them offensive but why does Christianity have to be the exception to the rule.

In many ways, Christianity to some followers has become wishy-washy and that is how the world at large views Christianity also. Christians live in a world that is out of step with the Bible and many churches have become very worldly making traditional Christians at odds with this situation.

When Islam was mocked by cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed violence and even death has occurred. So companies like Greggs obviously think twice about doing something to upset Muslims but think mocking Christianity is fine. Obviously, I am not advocating that Christians should ape followers of other faiths in using violence and threats however Christians should stand up in a peaceful way to call out Christian bigotry for what it is.

Is a joke a joke?

I get why some people would find this funny as many on Twitter have told Christian social media users to "get a grip". The question does have to be asked though surely Christianity has the same rights of protection as other faiths.

If so companies like Greggs should be held accountable with the proviso that they offer an apology and donate to a Christian charity.

The Head of the Freedom Foundation has stated this is exactly what Greggs should do.

Greggs have offered an apology which if it is sincere is a good action on their part. However, until the current hate laws are enacted more to protect the Christian faith this sort of abuse will continue.