It is, I suppose, perfectly possible to pretend that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn has fiscal and social policies that would not ruin the country within a year of them obtaining power in a General Election. After all, millions seem to have managed to convince themselves of that very thing already. They fantasize that a country with about 2 trillion pounds worth of debt and an ongoing deficit can simply borrow hundreds of billions more pounds or hike up taxes on the wealthy and businesses. They ignore the fact that this approach has always led to ruin in the past, partly because rich people can leave the country (Lewis Hamilton, Richard Branson) and also because businesses always move away from high tax, high regulation countries (France, Venezuela).

Ratings agencies then move down credit ratings and interest payments on a 2 trillion pounds debt (which already cost as much as all the policing and prison services in the country) rise sharply, with Greece style financial and social chaos ruling thereafter. They simply think that Corbyn is a genius who has seen what everyone else through history has missed and that he will not steer our country to Hell.

Squalor over a range of areas and it's still happening!

What is surely becoming more difficult for anyone other than swivel-eyed Corbynistas to deny is that the Labour Party is now the nastiest party in the country. Revelations about inappropriate, but historical sexual behaviour, along with other examples of bullying and corruption are presently hitting all parties as well as glamour industries like Hollywood and the BBC.

That organisation plus the Guardian newspaper are planning another smoke screen story about rich and famous people appearing to pay the minimum amount of tax on their investments that they can do within the law. But the Labour Party specialise in the darker, more vicious elements of wretched behaviour and much of it has happened comparatively recently.

Let's have a look at some of the most detestable examples.

Labour MP Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone last year made shocking anti-Semitic remarks which brought criticism of Jeremy Corbyn for his lack of effective, punitive action. Shah more recently also supported and re-tweeted a suggestion that the many hundreds of victims of Muslim rape gangs should keep quiet to protect racial harmony.

Deeply hateful behaviour, yet Shah, (unlike Sir Michael Fallon for far less damaging behaviour) did not resign and of course, Jezza has not had the moral fortitude to sack her.

On Thursday of last week, yes only a few days ago, Harriet Harmon, a long time Deputy Leader of Labour, seemed to lose her mind and any sense of decency. On live television indeed a BBC flagship This Week programme, Harmon decided she had become tired of the label of a humourless feminist. To rectify this she decided to illustrate two jokes she found tasteless, (I know, the logic baffles me too). So she actually repeated the first one, word for word to a live audience of millions.

I personally despise political correctness, but the "joke" at the expense of victims of the Holocaust was so utterly vile that I will not repeat it here.

She said the host, Andrew Neil, would find it funny? Neil was rightly bemused that such a statement could be made on his live show and stopped Harman from telling the second "joke." Harman wanted to keep digging and tried to justify her foolishness. Fortunately, she was told to "Be quiet" by the incredulous Neil. This so-called equality campaigner has become so detached from reality and swamped by the Jew detesting sewer present in swathes of the Labour Party, that she somehow thought this was acceptable behaviour.

Now step forward Clive Lewis, Labour MP, and recent prospective future leader, a real darling of the left. The latest problem for Lewis is that a 39-year-old woman who attended the recent party conference in Brighton claimed that he groped her.

Lewis denies this allegation presently. He found it harder to deny saying to the actor Sam Swan "Get on your knees bitch" at a Momentum event also in Brighton, perhaps because this was captured on video. He apologised saying it was all meant as fun. The real Clive Lewis seemed to be let off the leash in Brighton and he was having fun. As an old teacher of mine would have asked "Are you sorry you did it or sorry you were caught?"

Of course, one person who cannot be left out when thuggish behaviour is being reviewed is John McDonnell the shadow Chancellor. Only a year ago he was embroiled in controversy when he called former Tory minister Ester McVey "A stain on humanity." He also needlessly repeated what he had heard at a rally when Labour supporters called to "lynch the b*tch.".

He denied supporting the statement, but many felt it was incendiary. He refused to apologise even though it was demanded from several Labour MP's including Chuka Umunna.

Corbyn himself is the author of many of the problems

Much of this wretched trash, of course, can be traced back to the appalling leadership and yes, I use the word loosely, of Corbyn himself. It can be summed up by another story breaking last week. Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins has been only recently suspended for allegedly inappropriately touching a young female researcher. The researcher, Ava Etemadzadeh, did the right thing and reported this issue to the Chief Whips office about three years ago. Dame Rosie Winterton, the then Chief Whip reprimanded Hopkins at the time.

Jezza however still promoted Hopkins to the Shadow Cabinet. Corbyn's efforts to paint himself as a beacon of decency took a further plunge last week when Winterton confirmed she had raised the matter with Corbyn, who ignored the fact that Hopkins had been warned for inappropriate behaviour so that he could promote a supporter to the Shadow Cabinet.

Corbyn has always supported causes detested by most people in this country. He has shared a stage with representatives of Hezbollah and Hamas while recently refusing to meet Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel. He has long opposed the European Union, only recently choosing to support it, now that it is in direct conflict with the UK's national interest.

He has called the IRA his friends at the time they were actively murdering British soldiers and civilians. A former terrorist Sean O'Callaghan stated the support of Corbyn and his now Chancellor John McDonnell gave the IRA group "Great encouragement" and O'Callaghan believed that they had blood on their own hands.

Don't be misled into voting for this man or his party

So yes, Corbyn is of course wholly unsuitable politically and fiscally to ever be let near the Government of this country. But just as importantly, he has had a huge hand, along admittedly with many others, in turning the Labour Party from a morally decent party that over the years has included the likes of Clement Attlee, Aneurin Bevan, Denis Healey and Jim Callaghan, into an anti-Semitic, misogynistic and thuggish party that is nastier than the nastiest.

Don't be taken in!