The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has produced a report that should truly terrify every UK resident. It relates to the ongoing explosion of the population expected to happen to this country over the coming decades. There are several headline figures, a key one suggests that an additional 3.6 million people will be added over the next decade, with more than half of that figure attributed to migration. The number is more than the entire present population of Wales. The campaign group Population Matters say that the population today is Unsustainable and the claim is evidently correct when you consider that despite record spending, the key services of health, policing, education, social support, housing, transport; in fact pretty much every service, is underfunded and claims to be facing meltdown.

And that's not even the worst of it

That's the bad news, the worse news is that those population projections are almost certainly underestimates. The ONS base them on net migration figures falling both magically and precipitously to 165,000 annually. Given that the previous ten-year average is 250,000, and indeed, the recorded figure to March this year was 246,000 the projection seems ludicrously optimistic, a view supported by the Migration Watch organisation.

Additionally, the ONS study does not include illegal migrants. A former Home Office chief David Wood who was head of immigration enforcement until 2015 admitted that Britain was already home to more than 1 million illegal immigrants. It is clear that we already have far too high a population, it is also clear that no one knows how many are actually here nor how many millions more will come.

No one knows just how completely devastating it will be to our environment, infrastructure, public services or culture. Only that it will be an unsustainable Hell.

Stupid decisions taken by the usual suspects

The UK population growth is predicted to be 11% by 2041 in the study, compared to an EU average of 4%, so although many of the most ruinous decisions relating to population management are taken by leaders of France, Germany and EU bureaucrats like Jean Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk, the consequences are faced most sharply in the UK.

A clear example of this was the decision by ex UK Prime Minister David Cameron to deliver aid and support to families (primarily women and children who were not strong or well enough to travel) in refugee camps on or near their own countries of Syria and Iraq. An eminently sensible decision as it targeted the correct people and provided incentives for them to remain in their own region.

Meanwhile, Merkel and Juncker declare European borders and whole countries like Germany open to any migrants who wish to make the journey and even encourage boats paid for by taxpayers or aid agencies to ferry migrants directly from just off the African coast, over the Mediterranean Sea, to Italy or Greece. This initially places those countries in crisis but then many thousands travel unhindered through Europe to their penultimate destination of Calais or Dunkirk, determined to enter the UK at any cost because they know our support systems to be more generous than anywhere else.

Not objecting is foolish and short-sighted

Objecting to this madness is not racist or wrong. It is vital to the preservation of a nation we have grown and nurtured for hundreds of years.

The UK is one of the most prominent nations in helping to look after the vulnerable in the world. For decades a small number of migrants was integrated into the country and worked to the benefit of the home population and the migrants, but that was sensible controlled migration, not a million plus every four years. Even now we ludicrously borrow money when we are in debt to the tune of £2 trillion (over £13 billion this year, the same next) to simply give it away in foreign aid, some of it to countries like India who have their own space programme.

Destroying your own country's wealth and ability to look after itself, in the long run, helps no one. Shamefully we already cannot properly support members of the older generation who worked so hard and sacrificed so much to build the democratic, safe and wonderful country we now have.

It should not be in the gift of naive and indoctrinated politicians to allow it to be ruined because they are afraid to say sorry this country is overfull and no more are going to be allowed to come in. That is a disgrace!

Growth like this can't be sustained

The left claim to love sustainability, yet the ludicrous rise in population is one area they are silent upon. The world took tens of thousands of years, until eighteen hundred, to reach the landmark of 1 billion people. It reached 3 billion 160 years later and in the last 60 years it has exploded, more than doubling to 7 billion plus. This is the very definition of unsustainable.

It is totally wrong that the UK and the people who built it should bear the brunt of the suffering that is happening now and far worse is still to come because no politicians have the wit or strength to say enough.