Is there any woman left in the glittering but sordid world of films and politics in America or the UK who has not had some hateful encounter with Harvey Weinstein? Late last week a fourth claim of rape this time from Rose McGowan has been added to the list. The Charmed actress also states that the boss of Amazon's studio section Roy Price was repeatedly told about the abuse and ignored her complaints. This week it's British women coming out with tales of horror encounters. Actress Lysette Anthony claims she was raped in her own home when she was only nineteen.

Presently UK police are investigating five cases of different women but the number seems to be increasing daily. The total number of women claiming they were sexually harassed or assaulted now easily tops thirty and includes huge names like Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Beckinsale. It is important to state that Weinstein refutes any claims to non-consensual sex with anyone.

A sordid and ghastly tale

The whole tale is sordid and ghastly and although if true Weinstein emerges as a hateful sexual predator, it is hard to identify anyone who comes away from it with any credibility. It is claimed that the man's employment contract with his own production company allowed him to treat someone improperly as long as he paid for the damages; paying £188,000 in the first instance with the money increasing on a sliding scale!

More than one board member and lawyer knew of settlements Weinstein had made to women previously. What kind of people, what kind of companies agree to deals like that?

The usual suspects

Two of the usual suspects get in on the act. Hillary Clinton, of course, has to be included in this vile story. She was a big friend of Harvey a man who contributed to the Democrat cause.

How long before she makes hay by shifting the story to her own most loathed nemesis Donald Trump? Not long at all. In an interview with the BBC, she implies the behaviour of the two men as sexual assaulters are similar, even though Trump has never been accused of rape and passing over the fact that her own husband was accused of sex offences.

What about the large sums of cash donated by Weinstein and blown by Clinton in her efforts to beat Trump? Will she return them? No, I don't think so either. Tawdry? Not to be outdone in raising his profile at the expense of others is James Corden. He was speaking at an Aids gala in Los Angeles and made several jokes that trivialised the issue, drawing groans from the crowd astounded at his lack of taste. They should not be, he has form.

Other people who could have done more to protect the vulnerable

Colin Firth has admitted a co-star of his Sophie Dix told him of Weinstein pinning her down and performing a sex act against her will in 1990. He says he was ashamed that although she appeared profoundly upset he did nothing but express sympathy.

How many other important influential men were told and did nothing and have still not had the moral courage Firth has shown in owning up?

Some of the actresses involved need to answer questions as well. Kate Beckinsale says she had a horrible encounter with him at just seventeen, around 1990. Yet Kate went on to make major films with him past that date including The Aviator in 2005. Gwyneth Paltrow accused him of trying to bed her in 1996 yet made more than half a dozen future films involving Weinstein, including Sliding Doors in 1998. There are many other examples. Myleene Klass claims she was offered a sex contract in 2010! 2010 was seven years ago and her silence to this point has been deafening!

It's brave if you tell the truth at the right time whatever others are saying

Hollywood plus the UK version and the political satellites that orbit around the glitz, seem to have to speak the same thing at the same time. If you don't join in you're out. Since Trump was elected everyone bravely has been saying they detest him and they use every stage (even though we pay to go just to see them act) to show how brave they are in following the crowd. Now it's Weinstein's turn. Everyone is appalled, the stars speaking out are as brave as lions, yet only a few months ago he was revered as a God. Judi Dench apparently had a fake tattoo of him on her nether regions, everyone loved him.

Yes, it is difficult to speak out against an important figure.

Yes, it may damage your career and cost you money. It is the same in many situations, taking a stand is difficult. It was the same with Jimmy Saville, many knew, very few had the courage to speak at the time. With regard to Weinstein, the male actors who were told and chose to say nothing, politicians and comedians who are using this scandal for their own ends and female actresses who are now in strong wealthy situations but have allowed a predator to continue to prey on their young colleagues are not heroes. They all chose to protect their wealth and position at the expense of others more vulnerable than themselves and waited until they knew everyone else was now shouting the man down before putting the boot in. Understandable but not shining behaviour. As I said earlier, it is difficult to identify anyone who appears with much credit from this tawdry, foul mess.