A British actress named Sophie Dix has come forward with a shocking story about Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood movie mogul who has become swamped in allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Dix says that she “trustingly and naively” accepted an invitation to Weinstein’s hotel room, where she experienced “the single most damaging thing” in her entire life.

When Dix was 22, Weinstein cast her in a movie with Colin Firth. She expected this to be her big break, and was happy with Weinstein for the opportunity, so she “naively” accepted an invitation to his room at the Savoy Hotel, where he told her he was “struggling with scenes” on another film and said that she could help him by looking at the rushes.

Dix claims that, in a very predatory manner, Weinstein filled her up with wine and was almost immediately trying to pin her down and take off her clothes. She managed to fight him off and hide herself in the bathroom. She said that later, she opened the door to find Weinstein masturbating, so she just “ran” and vowed never to see him again.

Dix lost out on a movie career because of it

At the time, Dix was “very, very vocal” about the experience around town, and as a result, she didn’t end up getting the part in the movie. She never made it as an actress, and has since settled into a career as a screenwriter. She recalls a phone call from Weinstein a few months after the ordeal that made her feel “frightened.” She said, “It was like further abuse, further trauma.”