The Office of National Statistics have released a publication on the details of the UK's population increases by 2030. It states that the UK's population will increase above 70 million by the time we reach 2030. It also states that 77% of the increase by 2041 will be down to immigration. However, the report also highlights the nature of the ageing population within the UK, with the number of people over 85 set to double by mid-2041 from 1.6 million in mid-2016 to 3.2 million.

Importantly the figures are less than the 2014-based projections and 3% lower than the population increase from mid-1991 to mid-2016, Andrew Nash of the Ons Projections Unit said, "This is because of lower assumptions about future levels of fertility and international migration, and an assumption of a slower rate of increase in life expectancy."

The historical fallacy of an anti-immigration stance

Despite the plethora of information and the fact that the ONS have categorically stated that the report doesn't attempt to predict the impact of Brexit, the Daily Mail have used the information to continue their anti-immigration stance with purposeful inflammatory statements such as 'more than HALF the increase in the next decade will be from immigration'.

This statement is purely designed to create an enemy from nothing, as they have been doing for a long time. This causes anti-immigration bigots to surface and harp on about 'British culture' being 'destroyed'.

Supposed 'real British culture' of modern society is derived from the Anglo-Saxons. The English language is a Germanic language and before the Roman Empire fully assimilated Britannia in 44AD, we spoke Common Brittonic, continued to do so in our tribes before (Iron, Bronze, Copper Ages etc.), during and after the fall of the Roman Empire (Dark Ages). Common Brittonic was a Gaelic language thus the languages closest to what you would call 'British' are Scottish Gaelic and Welsh. The latter is directly derived from Southern Brittonic which is from Common Brittonic.

British culture is made up of European cultures mixed that came after the Anglo-Saxons invaded, our numerical system is Arabic plus much more. This demonisation of immigrants of immigrants is absurd because historically, it doesn't fit how modern British culture was created. The reality is that British culture is much more complicated and historically multicultural through being invaded and invading other cultures.